ASTEC has received federal monies for pandemic recovery. Following is a list of some items we have purchased:
  • 2 new air conditioned school buses
  • New desks and chairs for students (arriving September)
  • New teacher desks and chairs
  • New wall-mounted smart technology to replace SmartBoards with built in noise-canceling speakers and subwoofers that do not need projectors (arriving September)
  • New glass marker boards to replace previous classroom marker boards and chalkboards
  • New classroom atomic clocks
  • Additional textbooks
  • Math manipulatives
  • Higher speed internet
  • Professional voice routing in phone system
  • New carpet and tile in the middle and high school 
  • New sound system for auditorium
  • New stage for elementary
  • New Chromebooks and cases
  • New Chromebook charging carts
  • New ready systems
  • New middle school science labs
  • New full-spectrum lighting system (completion in September) for middle and high school campus
  • “Fablab”- STEM Maker Space laboratory
Under Consideration:
  • Soccer field and track
  • Expansion of middle school outdoor area
  • Gymnasium
ASTEC is excited to bring these and other improvements to our scholars.
If you are 12 or over, there is one more chance to get a free Pfizer COVID vaccination. We have added an additional day to our vaccine schedule. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Thursday, July 22: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and 1:00-3:00 p.m in the Multipurpose Room. Check in with the middle school secretary.
Community Service is something students throughout the United States do annually in the best schools.

The requirement for community service hours as a component of graduation for all ASTEC High School scholars has now resumed from the previous two-year COVID-19 ban. This program will be phased in and below is a list of what is required for each class:

Class of 2022 - 25 hours
Class of 2023 - 50 hours
Class of 2024 - 75 hours
Class of 2025 - 100 hours

ASTEC scholars are required to perform a minimum of 100 hours of community service prior to the completion of their senior year. This will be accomplished with 25 hours of service per year in grades 9-12. Seniors will receive honor cords from the Oklahoma County Commissioners community service SHINE program if 30 of their 100 hours are dedicated to beautification of the community. 

Upon completion of the service hours scholars should obtain a signed letter, on official letterhead, from the non-profit organization stating the number of hours and work performed. The letter should be turned in to the High School Counselor Assistant for tracking by the High School Counselor. Copies of all letters will be kept in the counseling office. 

A component of service is giving of self and resources to others less fortunate - either directly or indirectly, through benevolent and non-profit organizations. 

The very infrastructure of the country depends on the generosity of individuals who practice serving in these ways. It has been said, “Those who don’t give when they have little will not give when they have a lot.” Giving enriches the giver, as well as the receiver.

Summer is the perfect time for scholars to earn service hours. Any questions about community service should be directed to the High School Counselor or Headmaster.
Which class will have the most scholars ready for their first day of school?

Middle school - so far the 7th grade class has the most scholars who received their badges and they are already to go. However, 8th grade is not far behind.

High school - the 9th grade class is leading the way but the other grades are not close. Pick it up, upperclassmen!

Remember, the opportunity to get an ID badge (in the multi-purpose room) is as follows:

Thursday-Friday, July 22-23
Middle School: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
High School: 1:00-4:00 pm
The first day of school, August 19th, will be here before we know it. Students must come to school to have their badges made July 19-23 from 9-12 for middle schoolers and 1-4 for high schoolers. While at the school for the ID Badge, you can also check off other important things on your list so that your scholar will be prepared and ready to go on the first day of school.

  • Have Badge Made - Each scholar must have a new ID Badge made EACH YEAR
  • Pick up new Driveline Number Card - This card must be displayed on the driver’s visor
  • Fill out Free/Reduced Lunch Form - This must be filled out in order for a computer to be issued on the first day of school
  • Fill out E-Rate Form - This must be filled out in order for a computer to be issued on the first day of school
  • Pay Activity Charge - This pays for field trips, transportation, class parties, prom, high school graduation, senior breakfast, etc. The money accumulated in their graduating year’s account and is used when activities occur at each grade level.
  • Bring Supply Gift Card - This is a $25 Staples gift card. Please bring the receipt attached to a gift card with your scholar’s name on the card and receipt. Gift cards pay for bandaids, art supplies, composition books, hand sanitizer, kleenex, poster board, markers.  
  • Purchase Supplies - Do this before the first day of school on tax-free weekend, August 6-8 to save some money. The supply list for both middle school and high school are listed below.
  • Mark Calendars for Orientation - August 10 for middle school and August 17 for high school
  • Check Uniform Policy - Make sure your scholar has what they need for their uniform on the first day. See uniform article in this newsletter.
  • Update Your Phone and Email Address - Check to make sure we have the most current contact information in our files so that you don’t miss important announcements and events.
  • Obtain Metro Library Card - A library card is free and easily accessible online at metrolibrary.org or in person at either 2914 SW 59th Street or the Belle Isle location at 3621 NW Expressway.
Middle School

  • Ream of lined paper
  • Pens or Pencils
  • Small Pencil Sharpener 
  • Black Trapper Keeper
High School

  • Ream of lined paper
  • Pens or Pencils
  • Small Pencil Sharpener 
  • 1½ inch 3-ring binder with 8 subject dividers
  • Black-mesh or see-through backpack.
More and more young people are being hospitalized with COVID-19 virus and its Delta Variant.

Bring in your scholar’s COVID-19 vaccination card to the middle school office as you would any other vaccination record. We will record the information and return the card to you. Knowing how many scholars are vaccinated will assist us in decision-making regarding safety procedures moving forward. Vaccines are free and easily obtainable and they help keep everyone healthy and safe.
If you bring both middle and high school scholar(s) to school, drop them off at the high school driveline. 

Middle school driveline is only for middle school student drop off.

At the end of the day, the middle and high school siblings who ride together will meet in the supervised multi-purpose room and go directly to the high school driveline.

For safety reasons, students are released after the drivelines are finished.
To save parents the expense and time of shopping for every school supply, ASTEC asks each scholar to bring a $25 STAPLES gift card. This allows ASTEC to purchase supplies for our scholars in bulk such as paper, crayons, glue, construction paper, rulers and scissors at a much reduced price.  

Parents may bring in the $25 STAPLES gift card and gift card receipt to your school site office before school begins or may bring it on the first day. Please print your child’s name on the card and receipt in permanent marker.
ASTEC utilizes the SchoolMessenger system to deliver important information about events, school closings, safety alerts and more via text messages, straight to your cellular phone.

In order to participate in this free service you must opt in by sending a text message of “Y” or “Yes” phone number 67587. 

You can also opt out of these messages at any time by simply replying to one of our messages with “Stop”. SchoolMessenger is compliant with the Student Privacy PledgeTM, so you can
rest assured that your information is safe and will never be given or sold to anyone.
All ASTEC scholars will be required to have a Metropolitan Public Library card as part of their enrollment. Scholars will grow academically if they become readers. Being exposed to a large library collection allows wonderful choices to engage young people. 

A library card is free and easily accessible online at metrolibrary.org or in person at either 2914 SW 59th Street or the Belle Isle location at 3621 NW Expressway. Scholars will need to provide a copy of the electronic library card or physical card to complete their enrollment.
Oklahoma’s annual sales tax holiday will begin on Friday, August 6 and end at midnight on Sunday, August 8. Certain clothing and shoe purchases are exempt from sales tax for this time period only. Qualified items are exempt from state, city, county and local municipality sales taxes.

Retailers are required to participate and may not collect state and local sales or use tax on most footwear and clothing that are sold for less than $100 during the holiday.

For more information and answers to common questions on the sales tax holiday, as well as a listing of sales tax-exempt items, please refer to the Oklahoma Tax Commission information sheet.

(excerpt from Metro Family Magazine)
Middle School Orientation
August 10 in High School Auditorium 
6th Grade: 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
7th Grade: 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm
8th Grade: 8:00 pm - 8:45 pm
High School Orientation
August 17 in High School Auditorium 
9th Grade 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
10th Grade: 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm
11th & 12th Grade:8:00 pm-8:45 pm
Donate A Uniform
If your child has graduated or outgrown their uniform, please consider donating a gently used uniform to ASTEC’s clothing closet so we can pass it to other students at no cost. Please bring the uniform to the Middle School Office.

Dona un uniforme
Si su hijo se graduó o le quedó pequeño el uniforme, considere donar un uniforme usado al armario de ropa de ASTEC para que podamos pasárselo a otros estudiantes sin costo. Por favor traiga el uniforme a la oficina de la escuela secundaria.
Because we are concerned about the health and well-being of our ASTEC families, we will provide free KINSA Smart Thermometers to the first 100 families who submit their scholar(s) E-rate forms to the office. 

Termómetro inteligente KINSA gratis
Debido a que estamos preocupados por la salud y el bienestar de nuestras familias de ASTEC, proporcionaremos termómetros inteligentes KINSA gratis a las primeras 100 familias que envíen sus formularios de calificación electrónica de estudiantes a la oficina.
ASTEC uses SchoolMessenger for automated phone calls to inform and remind parents of important events, notices and changes to the school schedule. Please be sure to update your phone number and email address with the school so that you can stay updated on important news from ASTEC. 

Other ways to connect with the school are by subscribing to The Comet’s Tale Newsletter (sign up on our webpage), and following us on our social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.
When ASTEC parents bring their children for Badging Day next week (July 19-23, from 9 a.m. -12 noon for middle school and 1-4 p.m. for high school), we need the parent to complete and sign an E-rate form and a Free/Reduced Lunch Form. 

Why is the E-Rate form important? A portion of paid cell phone or telephone bills goes to taxes that provide money to schools and libraries for internet access and upgrading technology. 
ASTEC is eligible to receive some of those funds, but we must apply each year. Our portion of funding is based on information on the E-Rate form. We need you to turn this form in to make sure that the money you pay in taxes goes to benefit your children and not to other schools. 

Free-Reduced Lunch Forms:
Why is the Free/Reduced form important? We must have a lunch form on file for you to be able to qualify for free and reduced lunch. 

Students will not be issued a computer until all paperwork is completed including the handbook receipt acknowledgement form, which will be given to students during the first week of school.
ASTEC will loan computers to scholars much like textbooks are issued. Scholars will pick up the issued Chromebook and carrying case each morning from their 7th hour class and return it at the end of the day to the charging station.

ASTEC prestará computadoras a los estudiantes de la misma manera que se emiten los libros de texto. Los estudiantes recogerán el Chromebook y el estuche de transporte emitidos cada mañana de su clase de séptima hora y lo devolverán al final del día a la estación de carga.
Although masks are no longer required by the State of Oklahoma after July 1, 2021, ASTEC highly recommends they be worn. Masks do work, whether it’s to help prevent COVID-19, its Delta Variant, colds or the flu.

Máscaras altamente recomendadas
Aunque el estado de Oklahoma ya no requiere máscaras después del 1 de julio de 2021, ASTEC recomienda encarecidamente que se usen. Las mascarillas funcionan, ya sea para ayudar a prevenir el COVID-19, su variante Delta, los resfriados o la gripe.
The purpose of the ASTEC Charter Schools’ Uniform Policy is to encourage and support the learning environment of our school and to develop responsible scholars. The ASTEC Board of Directors, administration, and faculty reserves the right to make good faith interpretations of this policy and to address and resolve any issues that may not be specifically listed. The uniform is a dressy-casual, TAILORED look.

Uniform Vendors

  • Fashion Sports & Uniform - 1300 NW 23rd St. & N. Classen, OKC, OK (405) 524-9990
  • Walls - 4011 SW 29th, Del City, OK (405) 672-4438
  • Walmart or Target

(Purchases may be made at Target or Walmart, but must comply with the official uniform guidelines)

“Professional Uniform” (May be worn any day, including Friday)
  • Solid white long sleeve Oxford style shirt (see clothing details listed below)
  • Solid black blazer
  • Khaki pants, or skirt (skirts should fall no more than one hand-width above the knee)
  • Solid black dress shoes and black socks
  • Solid black leather belt w/simple buckle
  • Solid black tie (optional)

“Standard Uniform” (Monday­ ‐ Friday)
Middle School
  • Solid black polo shirt with ASTEC patch
  • Khaki pants or skirt (skirts should fall no more than one hand-width above the knee)
  • Solid black or brown belt with a simple buckle
  • Solid black athletic shoes or solid black or brown dress shoes

High School
  • Solid grey polo shirt with ASTEC patch
  • Khaki pants or skirt (skirts should fall no more than one hand-width above the knee)
  • Solid black or brown belt with a simple buckle
  • Solid black athletic shoes or solid black or brown dress shoes

NOTE: Field Trip attire, unless given written permission, will be the standard uniform.

Outerwear (Monday - Friday)
  • ASTEC official jacket when available
  • Jackets may not be worn zipped up while in the building.
  • Sweaters must have an ASTEC patch on the left side.
  • Outerwear may not have a hood, may not be oversized, and no longer than slightly below the waist.
  • Solid black sweater or jacket.
  • ASTEC letterman jackets are permitted

Clothing Details
  • Clothing must fit properly. Oversized clothing of any kind is NOT permitted.
  • Frayed hems or holes in clothes are not allowed.
  • Scholars may not wear tight or low-cut shirts or tight pants.
  • Additional information may be posted at www.ASTEC-K12.com or distributed throughout the school year.

  • Only solid white undershirts or solid black undershirts may be worn.
  • Middle School - black polo shirt. High School - grey polo shirt.
  • HOODIES are NOT allowed at school. Mock hoodies (sweatshirts that have a partial hood around the neck) are NOT allowed at school.
  • The ASTEC patch must be sewn or “ironed on” and must be straight. (Patch may not be stapled, glued or pinned on the shirt.)
  • Shirts are to be tucked in (without blousing), with the belt visible.
  • Jackets may not be worn zipped up while in the building.

  • Khaki pants, shorts, skirts only
  • May not be tight
  • Pants must be hemmed and strike the top of the shoe in the front and fall no lower than the top of the heel in the back - not touching the ground. Joggers (pants with elastic around the ankles) are NOT allowed.
  • Pants are to be worn at the natural waist and cannot sag. Pants may not be worn tucked into shoes/boots.

  • Masks are strongly recommended. 
  • Solid white or black socks must be worn.
  • Girls may wear plain black or beige hose with skirts, dresses (Note: When standing up, the length of the dress/skirt, shall be no more than one hand-width above the knee).
  • As a matter of safety, fingernails may not exceed ⅛” and must have rounded edges.
  • Scholars may wear solid black scarves, no other scarves are allowed.
  • A solid plain brown or black belt, with a plain buckle, is to be worn at all times.
  • Purses must be compact in size, small enough to fit inside the backpack. NO BIG PURSES.
  • Backpacks on wheels are NOT permitted.
  • Shoes must be ABSENT of any other color or colored symbols.
  • Shoestrings must be the SAME color as the shoes with which they are worn.
  • Only SOLID black, white, or gold/yellow hair ties and clips are allowed (ties and clips featuring more than one of these colors are not appropriate, oversized hair ornaments are not allowed).

Scholar Appearance Details
  • One pair of earrings, no larger than ¼” may be worn.
  • Nose, eyebrow, tongue and other visible piercings are not allowed. 
  • No bracelets, including rubber bracelets (unless ASTEC approved).
  • Prescribed medical bracelets may be worn.
  • One necklace may be worn, but it must not be visible.
  • Only one simple ring per scholar can be worn, such as a class ring or a purity ring.
  • Hair must be well groomed and worn away from the eyes.
  • Distracting, unconventional, non-professional haircuts or hairstyles are prohibited.
  • Shaving designs into the hair is prohibited. A line shaved into a boy’s hair that is perceived as a natural part is allowed.
  • Shaving lines in eyebrows are NOT permitted.
  • Hair must be the scholar’s natural color (i.e. multi-colored hair is not accepted).
  • Nail polish must be a soft tone or a natural color (not dark, bright, garish, or glittery).
  • Stiletto nails are NOT permitted. The length of the nail may not be longer than 1/4".
  • There must be no visible tattoos, ink drawings, etc.
  • Natural, age-appropriate makeup (as determined by ASTEC faculty or administration) is allowed.
  • Heavy eyeliner, bright or glittery eye shadows, and the like, are not allowed.

Please Note: Scholars unable to procure uniforms (in whole or in part) should contact a school secretary, the Dean of Students, or a trusted faculty member.
Middle School & High School Badging Days
July 19-23
ASTEC Middle School Students - 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon
at ASTEC Middle School
ASTEC High School Students - 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
at ASTEC Middle School

Free COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccination
July 22
at ASTEC Middle School

Tax-Free Shopping Days
August 6-8

Middle School Orientation
August 10
ASTC High School Auditorium 
6th Grade: 6:00 - 6:45 p.m.
7th Grade: 7:00 - 7:45 p.m.
8th Grade: 8:00 - 8:45 p.m.

High School Orientation
August 17
ASTEC High School Auditorium 
9th Grade: 6:00 - 6:45 p.m.
10th Grade: 7:00 - 7:45 p.m.
11th & 12th Grade: 8:00 - 8:45 p.m.

First Day of School
August 19
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Families facing a difficult financial time may contact their school headmaster for a waiver for activity fees or or school supplies.

Las familias que enfrentan un momento financiero difícil pueden comunicarse con el director de la escuela para obtener una exención de las tarifas de las actividades o los útiles escolares.
(405) 947-6272