It's the Great Pumpkin, Accelerated Schools
Evan Simpson, Dean of Students

2020 has asked a lot of us. Changing our routines and traditions and making us adapt to a lot of new things. This year we were not able to make our annual trip to Rock Creek Farms to pick our own pumpkins and enjoy the corn maze, however the Botanical Gardens at Chatfield were able to accommodate the school. It was a chilly Friday morning and everyone was bundled as tightly as possible. There was frost on the ground and every breath made our faces beneath our masks feel like a sauna. But, despite what could easily be dismissed as a dreary and miserable day, we had a great day at the farms. The corn maze was a good, but reasonable challenge, and we were all able to find great pumpkins even after the frost from the night before. The students at Accelerated once again made the best of every situation, and hot chocolate and cider at the end of the day was just the perfect way to top it off.
The Importance of Drawing From Life
Evyn Marsh, High School Instructor

This month during fine arts, we've been drawing the trees and leaves around the Accelerated Schools’ campus. Not only have the students created amazing art by doing this, but it helps their growing artist brain. Learning to draw and make art is all about changing how you see the world, and drawing from life is the best thing any young artist can do to further their art. It will train your eye to see the world in a different way. For instance, if you ever try to draw a human hand without looking at one, it might be somewhat "sausage looking" or not have enough room for all five fingers. However, drawing from life will show you just how a real hand looks, with all of its strange lumps and bumps! Drawing from life will help you see all the values, shapes, lines, colors, proportions, and textures that you may not have noticed before. Even if your life drawings aren't as fun, or look as "good" as your fun drawings, you can never get worse at art. You just have to keep on drawing, and drawing, and drawing! If you really want to further your skills, draw from life as often as you can.
Learning to Debate Through Politics
Debby Sharp, Middle School Instructor
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what we are learning in our middle school class is that you have to back up your opinion with evidence that supports your opinion. Then you can have a good debate!

We have been learning all about the three branches of our government in Social Studies. We were given the perfect opportunity to research and form an opinion over the recent nomination of a new Supreme Court justice due to the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We read two articles, one article gave the pros of appointing a judge at this time in the election year and the other stated the cons of appointing a new judge at this time in the election year. We watched parts of the senate hearing process of Amy Coney Barrett. By the end of the week, we had all formed an opinion on whether Amy Coney Barrett should be appointed now or the appointment should wait until after the election. We had a healthy debate and if you'd like to know your child’s opinion on this issue then please ask them.
There is nothing more empowering and fulfilling than being well-informed, being able to speak your mind, and being heard. After all, freedom of speech is a right we have according to the constitution.
Time to Reconnect
Valerie Montaño, Music Instructor
It’s always healthy to reconnect with good friends, and the same goes for your instruments at home. Students, I encourage you to pick up your old violin, flute, harmonica, soprano recorder, cello, drum set, or whatever you have at home. Dust it off and start playing. It’s a common misconception that if you have stopped playing, then you have “forgotten everything.” That is simply not true. Your skills will come back.

So, please pick up the old music that you have worked on in the past. Look up fingering charts online to refresh your memory. Find a new tutorial for your instrument that interests you in a new way.

There is no better time to reconnect!
Community Outing: Mini Putt-Putt at Aqua Golf
Kyle Pepper, High School Instructor and Enrollment Counselor

As many of you know, Accelerated Schools believes that it is important to acknowledge hard work and good behavior in school. One way that we accomplish this is by taking students on a socially distanced, off-campus activity every two weeks (usually on Thursdays). During the warmer months, we try and take advantage of the amenities that our stunning state of Colorado has to offer. During the winter months, we offer a Ski Program and take students on all-day ski trips to Loveland Ski Area
On Thursday, October 1st, students who qualified were invited to join in on our third Community Outing of the 2020-21 school year to play mini putt-putt at Aqua Golf. We left campus on the Accelerated buses just before lunch. After eating some lunch on the back patio of Aqua Golf and getting students fitted with clubs and golf balls, students had the opportunity to practice on the practice hole. Before starting the course of their choice, students were broken up into three groups (Debbie, Evan, and Kyle and Jena). We lucked out with some beautiful, sunny  
 80-degree weather to enjoy while we golfed the two 18 hole mini golf courses; The Santa Fe Course and the Platte River course (36 holes total). 
The activity seemed to be enjoyed by everyone, even our first-time golfers, and it allowed some of our newer students to bond with their new classmates. All in all, everyone had a blast! I believe these types of activities are truly special and beneficial for all of our students to experience, especially in such an uncertain time that we are currently   
living in during the COVID-19 pandemic.
What's Coming Soon to Accelerated Schools?
Liam Murphy, Community Outreach and Recruitment / High School Instructor

The first person that contacts me at with the image of what you scanned will WIN: 2 Jason’s Deli Gift Certificates; each valued at $10!

NOTE: No Accelerated Schools Staff and/or family members may enter!
Spirit Week 2020
For more than 40 years, concerned parents have turned to Accelerated Schools for individualized learning programs helping students overcome challenges, and excel academically. The fact is, a traditional school system is not designed to meet the needs of every child. When a student is not being successful, or is not thriving in a traditional environment, parents must often look elsewhere for a solution. This is were Accelerated Schools comes in.

Accelerated Schools begins by creating a learning program designed specifically for a student. Our work points are toward changing the ratio of failure to success and by cultivating an environment of accountability. Our students are given attainable goals and are rewarded by celebrating their accomplishments. Once a student starts experiencing success, their attitude, motivation and effort improve dramatically. This ends the negative cycle and leads to positive academic progress and positive self-esteem. 
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