Outstanding High School Science Student Award - Summer 2020
Georgina Bruce, High School Instructor

Drumroll, please, for Nicholas Moscaritolo!!
This has been a strange year for us all, playing havoc with our daily routines almost to the point of being unrecognizable when compared to our pre-COVID-19 lives. Graduation schedules were no exception. Many pupils found it hard to adjust to an exclusive online learning environment in the beginning, and several needed to use part of the summer to fulfill their final graduation requirements.
Nick was one of those:

Faced with the challenge of an entire semester’s worth of Physics to complete, many a more faint-hearted pupil might have quaked in their boots. Not Nicholas.
This young man knuckled down and got on with the job, showing up for every online class, and giving it his all. Not at all an easy feat if you have to take an online course yet work off-line for a fair portion of the time. When push came to shove, Nick did theoretical Physics of the trigonometric kind for three classes a day AND built practical experiments in his family’s basement on the weekends. Kudos also goes to his parents, who supported their son every step of the way.

The tenacity and perseverance he has shown will stand him in good stead as he leaves us to embark on a career in para-medicine.
It's a Pleasure to Meet You
Evyn Marsh, High School Instructor

Hello, Accelerated Families! My name is Evyn Marsh, the new Math and Art Instructor at Accelerated Schools, and there's nothing I enjoy more than helping students understand math and foster a love of the arts! I grew up in Denver and earned my degree at Colorado State University in mathematics. Although math was always my favorite subject in school, I went to Denver School of the Arts with a major in visual art. In my free time, I like to make art, cook, and take care of my guinea pigs.

I started tutoring in high school and found that I really liked sharing my passion for math and trying to foster that kind of love for math in others. Calculus will continue to be my favorite subject, but introducing students to the basics like algebra and geometry brings me such joy! I know this semester will be a great one, even through all of the world's current difficulties, and I'm excited to show my students how much fun learning math and art can be. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time if you ever have any questions or concerns.
-Evyn Marsh
What's So Special About Accelerated Schools?
April de Roin, High School and Middle School Instructor
When I think about this question, so many answers come to mind. The homey style of the Mansion promotes learning in a relaxed environment while creating an appreciation for history. The ability to learn in person or online in small class settings where students have more attention is another crucial part. While teachers are certified (and often in more than one area), most have also worked in other fields and actually know how their subjects are used in the real world. The International Students Program links students all over the world. However, the very best thing is the students. They work hard, are creative, and fiercely care about the future. Some students have learning disabilities, some are gifted, and some fall in-between. Some are hyper, some can be hard to motivate, and some are eager learners. However, they are all here (in-person or online) to be a community of learners, to be the best they can be while facing an uncertain future. They demonstrate every day that diversity works.

[The answer to last month’s question is “piano keys”]
Why We Should Take COVID-19 Seriously
Debby Sharp, Middle School Instructor

The scientific study of viruses and the infections they cause began at the end of the 19th century. Viruses are not new, and we in the world have been dealing with many different types of viruses. Some examples of viruses we have dealt with and survived are the flu and polio. There are people who believe that COVID-19 is just like the flu and that we don’t need to worry or take precautions, but there are many reasons why we should take this virus more seriously.
So, why do we all need to take this new virus seriously? First of all, the COVID-19 virus is very, very contagious. Someone with the flu will spread the virus to about 1.3 people. Someone with COVID will spread it to about three people. This may seem trivial to you, but many of those people infected will need to be hospitalized, which can, and has, quickly depleted our health resources. Another reason this virus is so dangerous is the unpredictability of how it will affect each person. Some people can be asymptomatic for as long as two weeks, not even presenting symptoms while the whole time spreading it to many others. The only way to be sure you don’t have the virus is through a negative test, and novel coronavirus tests can be very difficult to come by. 
All this means the only way you can be certain you don’t infect other people is to practice social distancing, wear a mask, avoid touching your face, and wash your hands frequently. This is a small price to pay to protect everyone around us, and it is the compassionate and right thing to do.
Executive Functioning Webinar Success
Evan Simpson, Dean of Students

On two Wednesdays in August, Accelerated Schools partnered with Cyle Feingold and Results Learning to host our very first educational webinars. The topic was executive functioning and the goal was to give parents at-home learning and organizational strategies to help support their students in these uncertain times. Some of the skills we discussed were making a dedicated working space, using a digital planner, using templates for contacting teachers, as well as Accelerated Schools’ daily contracts and report cards as organizers and incentives. We were so impressed with the turnout and interactions we had with parents at these webinars. We had over 50 parents attend digitally, many of which continued the conversation on how to best support their student with Cyle and myself after the webinar concluded. Accelerated Schools and Results Learning are so happy to share this information with parents who are looking for the best for their children. If you would like to see a recording or slides from the webinar please reach out to  marketing@acceleratedschools.org.
Preparing for Safe In-Person Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kyle Pepper, High School Instructor and Enrollment Counselor

After nearly six months of operating as an online-only school, Accelerated Schools of Denver is very excited to be transitioning back to an in-person learning model, with a blended E-Learning platform, on August 17th, 2020. Due to the risks involved with the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are having to adapt accordingly and make changes to our day-to-day school operations. 
Children at school must stay the full six feet apart from other students and school staff when possible. Students, teachers, and all staff must also wear cloth face coverings and limit in-person meetings with other adults and parents. When feasible, outdoor spaces can be used for instruction and meals. Students should also have extra space to spread out during activities like singing and exercising. As well as mandatory face coverings, Accelerated Schools of Denver will be modeling proper hand hygiene for all students. Frequent handwashing with soap and water is essential for everyone at the school, students, and staff alike. The school will also be providing hand sanitizer in every classroom to ensure proper hand hygiene for every staff member and student. I have listed some of the precautionary measures we are taking as a school below:
1. Classroom changes to help limit student interaction outside the classroom.
2. Daily temperature checks as students enter the building and COVID-19 testing when necessary for all students,
teachers, and staff members.
3. Routine, daily sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfecting of surfaces.
In addition to having plans in place to keep students safe, there are several other factors that school communities need to address as students return to school from E-learning and summer break: Some of these considerations may include:
1. The pressure to catch up
2. Students with disabilities
3. Immunizations
4. Exams
5. Behavioral health/emotional support
6. Nutrition
7. Students at higher risk
We recommend you consult with your pediatrician and school staff (including school nurses) to determine if your child can safely return to school.
Remember, returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic may not feel like normal – at least for a while. But having safety plans – and making sure schools have the resources needed to follow them –​ can help protect students, teachers, staff, and families.​ For more information on planning for and ensuring a safe return to school for your child, click here.
-American Academy of Pediatrics (Copyright 2020)
Box Tops for Education
Aundrea McCormick, Principal

We would like to invite everyone to participate in our Box Tops for Education collection. Please ask grandparents, relatives, neighbors, friends with no-child or no school-age children, and co-workers to clip and collect Box Tops for Accelerated Schools. As of July 31, 2020, Accelerated Schools has earned $174.80!

“Your school can earn a total of up to $60,000 each year. That’s a maximum of $20,000 from each of the three Box Tops of Education program components: Clip, Shop, and eBoxTops. Any Bonus Box Tops your school may earn or win are in addition to these limits.”
– Box Tops for Education.

Box Tops is all about the difference one individual can make.  

Here some of the ways to earn Box Tops:  

Clip the Box Top from hundreds of participating products and send them to school. Each one is worth 10¢ when the school redeems them from Box Tops for Education.

Marketplace                                                                                                                                           Shop online at your favorite online stores through Box Tops Marketplace (boxtops4education/marketplace). Up to 15% of your qualifying purchase total is automatically donated to our school, at no additional cost to you. Plus, you’ll get exclusive Box Tops deals and discounts!

Click & Earn eBoxTops                                                                 
You can earn free eBoxTops by doing simple online activities, like taking a survey or watching a video. There’s no purchase necessary, and each activity only takes a few minutes.

Enter for chances to win eBoxTops
Box Tops offers sweepstakes, and other bonus offers all the time! You could give our school an earning boost with thousands of eBoxTops. Entering is easy, and there is no purchase necessary.
Please sign up to support our school at boxtops4education.com, where you can:                                                                   
  • See the progress of how much our school is earning with Box Tops.
  • Enter online promotions for chances to win Bonus Box Tops and other prizes
  • Print money-saving coupons for your favorite Box Tops brands
  • Make mealtime easier with family-pleasing recipes.                     
You can also sign up for Box Tops for Marketplace newsletters with Box Tops members-only deals and discounts.

To learn more, visit boxtops4education.com-and thanks for choosing to make a difference for our school with Box Tops!

Get the latest at www.btfe.com
Remembering Carroll Moot
Carroll, a true Pioneer Woman, and women's issues advocate to the core, will be truly missed.

I first came to know Carroll in the early 1980s when I came to Accelerated Schools as a very young Social Worker. Never did I expect to make a lifelong friend and ally in Carroll. She gave advice freely, actually a piece of her mind, never sparing words or her thoughts. Most people were afraid of her as she ran a very tight ship at the school. When no one else was able to get our then-director to tote the line, she made him do it. Carroll was a gentle soul, she cared for each and every child, and was willing to drive a bus route as well as teach and take students on activities. I never heard her say NO to anything related to the success of the school or any student. She even served as a host parent for students whom nobody else would house. She had a special way of dealing with those students who did not behave like the usual student. In the early years, besides being the school's bookkeeper, she also taught adult computer classes. She always looked for a challenge in life and concorded it her way. She was successful and well respected in her career and her positions.

Most of all, I will miss Carroll's witty humor, gentle mind, and the many humorous situations I have lived through with her. She will always be an angel in the sky looking after people; hoping it will include me as well. I will miss her and feel very fortunate to have spent a lot of time before together I left for Finland. Rest her soul now as she deserves her rest.

-Marianna Bagge
For more than 40 years, concerned parents have turned to Accelerated Schools for individualized learning programs helping students overcome challenges, and excel academically. The fact is, a traditional school system is not designed to meet the needs of every child. When a student is not being successful, or is not thriving in a traditional environment, parents must often look elsewhere for a solution. This is were Accelerated Schools comes in.

Accelerated Schools begins by creating a learning program designed specifically for a student. Our work points are toward changing the ratio of failure to success and by cultivating an environment of accountability. Our students are given attainable goals and are rewarded by celebrating their accomplishments. Once a student starts experiencing success, their attitude, motivation and effort improve dramatically. This ends the negative cycle and leads to positive academic progress and positive self-esteem. 
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