Learning a New Way of Learning
Debbie Sharp, MicroSchool Instructor

Nothing, not even a viral pandemic, can stop the learning in The Little House. It was definitely hard at first as we were all trying to wrap our brains not only around content but how to navigate through the technology needed to get to the content. 

At first, there were no facetime meetings. Now, we have a virtual homeroom meeting every morning where we get to catch up as a group. We have a chance to talk about our assignments, our successes and problems, and to just see each other and talk about things we have been doing. 

At first, we had no idea how to access Google Classroom or share our work. Now, we turn our work in, we share our work with each other, and we’ve even put together powerpoint presentations! 
These are difficult times we are living through right now and it would be very easy to focus on the negative. However, I can only think of all the positives! We will not and can not let anything keep us apart and isolated. We have learned how to be a part of each other’s life even though we are socially isolated. That is a great accomplishment! I think the greatest accomplishment for our world is that it has been given time to environmentally heal, even if it’s just a little bit. I am writing this letter to you today on Earth Day, so what better thought to leave you with.