We are as sorry as you are to have to say goodbye to summer 2019, but we are going to do our best to extend the feel good factor of being outside, having fun and feeling great right through the autumn. Here are all our plans...

8 Ways we can help you love running this September

Whether you are a complete beginner, struggle with motivation or have other plans, we want to encourage you to enjoy running, stay running and have fun this autumn.

1. Become a Runner

The final Beginners Running Classes of 2019 start on 2nd September in Sandymount. Taking you from walking to running 30 minutes in just 8 weeks, this is our original programme.

2. Stay Running

A new term starts 2nd September in Clontarf and Sandymount for runners who know they Thrive being in a group to stay motivated and get out the door. Autumn Class Timetable.

3. Avoid Injury

My Two Hour Sunday Chi Running Technique Workshop is suitable for all levels of runner and shows you how to enjoy running more and avoid injury. Also can be arranged for your club.

4. Escape for a Day

We are off to the midlands again for another run/yoga day trip. The perfect treat on a Sunday

5. Read about Running

My book ' Get Running ' is available online and in all good book shops and might just be what you need to help you get up off the couch and get motivated.
I will also have a fortnightly piece in Tuesday's The Irish Times

6. Run Dublin Marathon

My marathon coaching programme is well underway for KBC Dublin Marathon but if you are training solo and could do with support, you are welcome to join us now as the miles increase.

7. Get Online Coaching

Can't meet in person? My free online Get Running Programmes with The Irish Times are always available for beginners and those looking to keep on running.

8. Make it Fun

After some lovely sunny summer popups, we will be scheduling more pop-up classes over the summer/autumn. These will be announced last minute as will be weather dependent but all are guaranteed to be fun and finish with some form of cuppa and snack!

Most Importantly......

Whatever your running plans are for the months ahead, the key thing is to find something you enjoy doing. Finding others who are of a likemind makes it all the more easy to keep on track. Decide now where you want to be by Halloween or even, dare I say it, Christmas , and work back from there to get your plan in place.

Our Summer in a Nutshell
We certainly made the best of the summer. Classes continued with our beachfit mat class always a summer success and we even added in some glorious scenic pop-up classes along the way. Our retreat to west cork was beyond spectacular (if I do say so myself!). The gang are still talking about it. See our highlights

Most impressively was all the running stories and milestones achieved by our runners over the summer. From the marathoners in training to the parkrun milestone runners and all the races, we had so many run reports coming in each week it was hard to keep up! Our private online running forums really keep the buzz going.
Thank You

As always to everyone who has attended classes, workshops and events, all who have bought the Get Running book, listened in on the TV/Radio interviews, read the newspaper columns, shared our social media posts or told their friends and family about what we do, sent words of encouragement or supported our charity tshirts - Thank You.
Look to the future

Here's to a great autumn for you all.
Come join us if you need a gentle kick in the right direction.

We have a few more 'secret' projects underway this autumn too and hope to share with you more detail later in the year. Exciting times for us all.

If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch.

Mary and Aoife x