At the end of June of 2011, I got word from Virginia Theological Seminary that I had been accepted into the class of 2014 and even though I lived a scant 20 miles from the seminary, I had been assigned a dorm room as I had requested. Classes began the end of August and I was to move into my dorm room the week of August 9th. It didn't take a mathematician to figure out that I had exactly 5 weeks to empty an 8 room house with a full basement and two-car garage and prepare it for rental. It was an impossible task. We had been living in that house and raising three children there for the last 20 years. Every square inch of my house was full of 'stuff'! But emptying that house was the only way this plan for seminary was going to work. I'm not sure how it all happened, but with the help of numerous friends and family, the house did get emptied (including the [totally full] basement and garage!) and it did get rented and I did move into the dorm. Believe me. Those 5 weeks were traumatic. I quickly decided that hell must be like having to drag all your worldly goods along with you for all eternity! Downsizing became much easier with that fantasy in mind. The 'stuff' we all have and we all love just slows us down. Every now and then I miss something that I had to part with, but it's rare. Most of the time I simply wonder how I could continue to keep accumulating 'stuff.' When I think about it, I always think of Jesus' conversation with the rich, young king. Don't let the 'stuff' get in the way!!
Rev. Liz Tomlinson