September 16, 2022

Let's put an end to medical tyranny

I love fun and inspiring topics.  

However, when it comes to health, it is also important to expose the dark sides.  I apologize in advance for the disturbing information I am sharing today.  My goal is to move past "disturb" to "action."

This week I met with a new client and her husband.  They shared with me their harrowing experience when she had a heart attack last December and was swallowed up by the hospital and medical system.  This system, I like to call it the "Medical Matrix," has used the so-called Pandemic as a means of isolating patients, denying visitors and family advocates, patients rights, and, basically doing whatever they want.  Oh, and in the process, killing many and making lots of money.

Her chart, both in the hospital and later in so-called "rehab" at a One Care facility, is stamped "Non-Compliant." 

My definition of "Non-Compliant?"


My client said to me,

"I kept asking myself, "Am I a patient or a prisoner?"

At One Care for "cardiac rehab" and prediabetic, her only food the first day was a donut and a cup of tea.  Her only "rehab" was one session of moving her arms up and down while the therapist castigated her for not being "vaccinated," and then walking up and down the hall the day before discharge with her walker, when she was castigated for not wearing her mask.  Her husband could never reach her by phone, and, of course, he couldn't visit.  

Her final meal at Care One was a STALE donut and a cup of tea.  She crumbled the donut into pieces and left it on her tray.

I will be sharing more of her story today.

I have another client who works in a local nursing home/rehab facility, she told me just two weeks ago that still happening now under the foil of "Covid Precautions," someone will be admitted due to something like a broken hip and is then "quarantined" in a tiny room for two weeks.   Two weeks!   No visitors.  No advocates.  Minimal care.

This is not medical care, and it certainly isn't "rehab." 

It is cruel and unusual punishment.

Twice I have interviewed Jennifer Martin regarding the medical kidnapping of her husband Chris right here in New Hampshire.  In what sounds like too terrifying to be true, he was swallowed up at DHMC Lebanon.  During the long weeks of Chris' internment at DHMC, Jennifer was repeatedly "disciplined" for her outspokenness regarding his care by being forbidden to visit for a week at a time, twice, and then only one hour a day in the presence of a hospital security guard after having been frisked each time upon entering the hospital.

Chris' only way out of the building, despite his and Jennifer's clearly expressed wishes throughout, was in a body bag.  

That's actually called murder.

This is criminal.  It is happening everywhere.  It needs to stop.

If we don't stop it, who will?

Hear my interview with Jennifer Martin following Chris' passing

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"You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave..."

Woman Escapes Covid-19 Hospital Protocols, Says Others Not so Lucky

Gail Seiler back to work after recovery in 2022

Gail Seiler’s last day at the hospital in 2021

Move over, Stephen King!

You can't make this stuff up...

Gail Seiler left the hospital alive when her husband finally broke through all the barriers to her ICU room and literally took her out of there.  Oh!  On their way out they were offered a "shortcut" out of the hospital by the floor nurse which just happened to be through the morgue where body bags were awaiting pickup.  Her doctor said, "You'll be dead in 24 hours."  

While she was there she literally became a prisoner of her doctor and the hospital.  Denied last rites by her priest when she was told she was dying unless she agreed to receiving Remdesivir.  She said she would, saw her priest, then refused Remdesivir, which clearly made her doctor more furious than ever at her "Non-Compliance" (aka "critically thinking).

Had her husband not intervened, she would be dead.  

Read the appalling account

Statement on the Ethical Principles of Public Health, on behalf of Hillsdale College’s Academy for Science and Freedom, Washington D.C., August 23, 2022.

During the SARS2 coronavirus pandemic, fundamental principles of public health were ignored, and trust in public health has been damaged. As experts in public health, medical science, ethics, and health policy, we propose the following ten principles to guide public health officials and scientists, in order to ensure the credibility of public health recommendations and to help restore public trust.

See the Principles

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