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Saturday, April 6, 2:00 pm
Picture Book Poetry Palooza with Laura Purdie Salas!
Friday, April 12, 6:30 pm
Kelsey Sutton, SMOKE AND KEY launch party!
Saturday, April 13, 3:00 pm
Phyllis Root & Betsy Bowen, THE LOST FOREST.
Tuesday, April 16, 6:30 pm
StacyPlays, WILD RESCUE: ESCAPE TO THE MESA book signing!
Minnesota Book Awards Ceremony
Saturday, April 6, 2019 6:30 PM
InterContinental Hotel Saint Paul Riverfront

Celebrate the state's best books at the 2019 Minnesota Book Awards Ceremony . Readers, writers, and book-lovers from all over the state gather together for one incredible evening to honor stories of Minnesotans that connect us all. We'll be selling books- come find us! Learn More
2019 Naomi C. Chase Lecture in Children's Literature featuring Adam Gidwitz
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Elmer L. Andersen Library

We are so happy to be selling books at this year's Chase Lecture with featured author, Adam Gidwitz ! Join us for Taboos and Children's Literature: The 2019 Naomi C. Chase Lecture in Children's Literature! Learn More
By Mo Willems, Amber Ren (Illustrator)

Creating something wonderful takes work and persistence. Creating something wonderful takes lots of people contributing in so many different ways.  Because is a delightful book that reminds us that when hard work and community are combined with a series of events and opportunities, magic happens. The Illustrations by debut illustrator Amber Ren beautifully capture the music and passion of this story. Inspiring for all ages!  — Holly (RBB Staff)
The Line Tender
By Kate Allen

Sharks have to keep moving to stay alive, and so does Lucy Everhart, whose mother (a prominent shark researcher) died when she was eight. Her grief is bearable, thanks to dinners with her father, discussions with her neighbor, and adventures with her best friend, Fred. When Lucy and Fred hear that a great white shark has appeared in the bay, it feels like the beginning of something—the beginning of a summer full of tragedy and grief, science and storytelling, and love of all kinds. Smart, heartbreaking, and beautifully-written, this is the kind of book that will be swimming in the back of your brain months after you read it. -Lily (RBB Staff)
The Meaning of Birds
By Jaye Robin Brown

Reminiscent of History is All You Left Me , The Meaning of Birds is about a teen girl navigating a world of grief after her girlfriend dies unexpectedly. Before Vivi died, Jess was happy. Vivi was a light in her life, someone who encouraged her, made her feel loved, and taught her about the world. But after Vivi dies, Jess struggles to find her way back out of the darkness. Unable to work on her art, remain connected to her friends, or stay out of trouble, Jess appears to be quite the mess. When Jess is transferred to a school for troubled students, she finds a new passion that might be able to help her heart sing for the first time since Vivi died. — Kelsie (RBB Staff)
The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books
By Edward Wilson-Lee

Hernando Colón was the illegitimate son of Christopher Columbus—and that's probably the least interesting fact about him. He was also the master architect of his father's complicated legacy, an intellectual jack-of-all-trades, an inveterate collector of the printed word, and the mind behind one of the most ambitious early libraries in the world. Hernando dreamed of a library that would contain all printed material—not just books, but flyers, sheet music, pamphlets, artworks—and that would be meticulously catalogued and inventoried. As much about knowledge organization as it is about Hernando, this book reminds us that the way we sort information is not innate and that the choices we make as we classify affect the way we see and understand the world. An utterly fascinating read . — Lily (RBB Staff)
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