Ordinary or ExtraOrdinary?

Well we are into a new month. Yes, it is November! This month my empowerment series will focus on " Living an Extraordinary life!" Yes, we will go on a journey together, questing to move from living an ordinary to choosing to live an extraordinary life.

The dictionary defines extra-ordinary in this manner; meaning Not ordinary. Something extra.

But how does extraordinary happen? Extraordinary starts with you—perhaps an ordinary person at an ordinary job doing ordinary things on an ordinary day. No special advantages. No remarkable skills that can’t be duplicated. No large bank account. Just all-around “ordinary.”

Join me Sunday morning, for the series "Living An ExtraOrdinary Life". Serendipity Sunday is a 30 minute tele-class that you can engage from the comfort of wherever you desire to be! This weeks message "Me, ExtraOrdinary?"

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Looking forward to seeing you in the morning!

Gregory "Ausar" Stanton, Hm-Ntr (Spiritual Leader)
Oasis Spiritual Center for Divine Living

Don't forget to set your clock back before you retire tonight! (If you got a smart watch, phone, TV or computer.... dont worry it will do it for you!)

See ya on the call tomorrow!