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The Day Mary Magdalene Became the 13th Apostle
through Ariel

Now imagine for a moment how you would feel if you had been holding
Non-dual awareness and unconditional space for humanity,
for centuries?

Why imagine such a thing?
Well, to the end of re-balancing in non-duality
which, by its very nature,
 wouldn't require balancing in the first place!

Now that's a real brain tweaker,
so give yourself a moment to catch the wave and re-stabilize.

Remember being 13 and sitting by the phone anxiously awaiting 
that girl or boy to call to mirror how you wanted to see yourself..
you know.. THAT feeling..
So let's try seeing it this way..
Well Mary Magdelane must have had none of that kind of polarization in her 
centuries of meditation
on Oneness
Because she just went from being reviled by the whole patriarchy,
 and thus the world at large, historically speaking,
 as a whore 
to being made an apostle, by the Pope no-less..
and the 13th apostle at that..
      "Apostolorum Apostola" ("Apostle of the Apostles") 
it was decreed in tiny letters within the papal edict,
but there none the less..
and she is managing in her initiation not to move off her non-dual dime?..
Awesome, Mary Magdela
You Go Girl! 
(artist Andrew Annenberg)

And even though it would have been easy 
and perhaps even justifiable to assume
some kind of ego-identified uppity, arrogance 
going from being seen as a denigrated whore to a honored queen,
all in one giant leap,
she chose to take the Separation-By-Pass
lickety cut.. just like that..
skipping altogether the blame game of
suppression, vilification, neglect, deceit, denigration..
Thanks to the Pope's sotto voce decree
she just sneakily slid into home base, 
and right under the cardinal's noses no less!
no doubt she was vibrating, oscillating in such a rarefied frequency
that she was invisible while in mystical union with 
 Divine Ecstasy
and the magnetizing power of Divine Mother's  Love..

There's no shame in that..
centuries of shame dissolved in one act of 
true kindness and inclusion of the feminine,
in non-dual awareness
that intrinsically grasps the absurdity of duality
not of course, by the way, polarity
the electro-magnetic pulse of creation
that makes lightening in the blood?
No. Not that. That is not absurd!

Just like looking at Leonardo Di Vinci's painting "The Last Supper"
there, Mary Magdalen is already seated at the
apostle's feast table
centuries ahead of schedule
celebrating the holy rite of Divine Union
with the wine of Her blood
and the bread of Her body with Her Beloveds,

Divine Union,
A feat of great wonder
 that somehow Mary Magdalene's heart remained open,
so as to hold alchemical space for duality's resolution 
in the drama that followed that Last Supper.

It's a douzy-ring-pass-not-gate, the Open Heart..
serving as a dimensional gate guardian
(artist Aeoliah)

like the innocence 
and the tenderly opened heart of the
"Man Who Knew Infinity",
Srinivasa Ramanujan

Srinivasa Ramanujan,
Wherever your journey has taken you after death
that's where I want Isis' barge 
to ferry me across the blue waters of the Nun of the heavens after my death..

that holographic Chinese Checker-like navigation that happens
within the context of your soul star
until you become the star tetrahedron itself,
simultaneously recognizing yourself as the glass beads
in the consciousness rarefaction moving from Tamas, to Rajas, to Sattva 
required to leap cosmic lily pads and electron shells
from red to ultra violet
All in one go..

Supporting the more accurate model of creation
being the continuous Bang theory
rather than the ludicrously limiting model of
the Big Bang..
One.. mind you, are you hearing me,
 one Big Bang?

(Artist Amornina Ashton)

Rather try imagining a golden elliptical cosmic egg
in a continuous  electro-magnetic tango
mirrored and recapitulated even in a chicken egg
reveling in the electrical lightening storm 
that ecstatically moves up the spine
of all things..
ingenious continuous circuit of motion elegantly created by
the dance of the polarities of the white and black holes at the axis mundi
of the cosmic egg's spine..
Ecstatic Divine circuit fueling the whole of creation,
propelling all motion within it.

Do you see why Mary Magdela is a staunch proponent 
of the continuous Bang theory?
Wouldn't YOU be?
Shouldn't you be?
(Now that's a poultry lobby we can trust and believe in!)

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