~ August 2020 ~

Guess What - We're still here!

It is true our production facility in Flagstaff is closing. We tried many alternative strategies to closing our shop, but unfortunately no lucrative option
presented itself.

America West Frames
is going to continue!
We've partnered with a network of
experienced framing companies that will be providing off-site production of our designs!

Our new partners have been in the custom framing industry for 30, 40, and 50+ years, so we feel confident that they will put the finest sweat and skill into handcrafting our designs, just like you've always known America West Frames to do!

I look forward to helping you find the perfect frames for your art once again,
and helping You & Your Art be Successful!
Thank You Everyone who Supported us through these last few months! Your support truly touched our staff and gave us hope to push through (2020) and adapt to a new way of doing business!

Many Blessings for
Peace & Protection in this time!
Stay Positive & Keep Painting!

Amber @ America West Frames
I truly look forward to working with you all again!