August 2020 Publication
August News & Updates
Back to School Tips!
Students, parents, and teachers are walking into a whole new world this school year. If you are wondering how to prepare the children in your life for this new challenge, here are some tips to get back into the swing of school.
Practice Greeting Friends
Children are missing their friends that they may not have seen all summer. Whether your children are beginning school via Zoom or In Person with social distancing, practice ways to greet friends without touching. Get your children excited by making this a family challenge for who can come up with the best foot-tap-elbow-bump greeting.
Attach a Lanyard to Masks
For those who have small kiddos that will be wearing masks, invest in a lanyard to attach to the strap of their mask. This way, when it comes off at lunch or to drink water, it hangs on their neck and is not falling to the ground.

Look for lanyards with breakaway clasps to avoid strangling hazards.

(Some of our staff let us know that the dollar store local to you may even have these in stock! A quick and affordable solution.)
Practice Positive Affirmations
"Practice makes perfect" is frequently heard when playing an instrument or learning a new skill. This mantra is even more important for mastering the difficult life skill of self-compassion.

Positive affirmations are invaluable for children and adults! The more you practice these phrases, the easier it becomes to bring these statements to mind during difficult times.
Create a Structured Routine
Post a list with each step (or using pictures for children too young to read). These clear, concise lists help kiddos who become distracted quickly or who may frequently forget steps in the morning. As you practice the routine, you may have to make revisions based on what works best for your family.

PARENTS: When your children say they are ready for school, have them read each step back to you to confirm they completed each step. Through this practice, children can increase personal responsibility, self-monitoring, and self-correction.
In this unique and unprecedented time, here are some important reminders:
  • It is okay to feel overwhelmed.
  • It is okay not to have all the answers.
  • It is okay to reach out for help, for yourself, a child, or the family.
  • It is also okay if you are doing well during this time.

Everyone's journey is different.
  • If you or someone you care about is needing support, click the button below to learn more about counseling and complete the New Client Forms - we are here for you.
  • If you are doing well despite the challenges of this pandemic, consider donating of your time or funds to ACFS. Your gift allows us to provide life-changing support for those who may not otherwise be able to access these essential services.