August 3, 2021

Business Meeting:
No guests please, click HERE to see the minutes from the July Business meeting
Grilled Hamburger Steak and Gravy
Fried Fish
Mashed Potatoes
Broccoli and Cheese
Baked Beans
Peach Cobbler
Look at all of our Guests!
Liz Nelson & Larry Walker
Guest Liz Nelson with Larry Walker
David Heller & Hugh Bonner
Guest David Haller with Hugh Bonner
Nash & JP Cooper
A very photogenic picture of JP and his guest, his daughter Nash.
National Service Award
National Service Award
The Exchange Club of Rome has been notified by letter from Tracey Edwards, National Exchange Club Executive Director, that we have obtained the National Service Award during the first month of the 2021-2022 year. To obtain the award a club must complete and report at least one project in each of the programs of service and two more projects in any program of service. In the month of July the Rome Club completed 3 Americanism projects, 1 child abuse prevention projects, 1 community service project, 1 youth project, and 2 fundraising projects. We are off to a great start and look forward to even more ways to serve our community! If you have ideas for service projects contact one of your board members or officers and let them know your ideas! To read the letter from Tracey Edwards, click HERE.
Last week's meeting: David Johnson, Exchange Club Region 10 Vice President
Buzz wins $25 gift certificate
David Johnson and the winner of the trivia contest, Buzz Wachsteter
David Johnson
David Johnson giving the ECOR an update on how Exchange is doing on a state, regional and national levels. David also announced that he is running for National!
David & Lee & Gary & JP
Save the Date!!! Registration is now open for the Clocktower 5K Road Race & 2 Mile Health Walk. Register now at

We cannot thank our sponsors enough for our Clocktower 5k Road Race and Health Walk. This is for a great cause, if you know someone that works at one of these businesses, please acknowledge their sponsorship and tell them THANK YOU!!
Diamond Level Sponsors
Platinum Level Sponsor
Gold Level Sponsors
Truett's CFA
Balanced Living Counseling Center
Family Resource Center
It's almost back to school time and FRC Parent Aides are asking for gift cards (e.g. Wal-Mart, Family Dollar) to purchase needed items. By using gift cards, staff can reinforce the skills we teach (e.g. planning, budgeting, etc.) Of course, if you want to shop yourself or have extra items to share, we can use things such as backpacks, notebook paper, pencils, crayons (all the usual things!). Thanks so much for wrapping the children we serve with care and support on their first day of school!
Toys for Tots
The warehouse that has been used by Toys for Tots for the last few years on Kingston Road has been sold and will be torn down. Our Toys for Tots program desperately needs a new warehouse location that is secure so we can store the toys already purchased for this year's distribution, as well as all the supplies and knocked down boxes used in the fall campaign.

If you have a facility you can donate or know someone who does, please have them reach out to Linda Hatcher so they can discuss it further.
If you have an item that needs to go into the newsletter, please send the item to my email by Monday at Noon. My plan is to have the newsletter out every Tuesday around Noon. My email is and you can reach me on my cell at 757-561-5954.
Please reach out to Carol Abrams to make sure you are caught up on your dues.
To share Fellowship News:
Please contact Sean Moriarity
July Birthdays
07/01 Lisa Stuenkel
07/01 Diane Warner
07/02 Cathy Kerce
07/03 Joe Watters
07/08 J. Ronald Kiefer
07/12 JC Grimes
07/14 Jimmye Grimes
07/14 Glenda Almand
07/15 Dan Caesar
07/16 Will Byington
07/19 David Estes
07/19 Imani Welch
07/20 Wain Bates
07/21 Ward Daugherty
07/22 Robert Smyth
07/23 Jim Loyd
07/24 Scott Rogers Henson
07/24 Paula Wachsteter
07/27 Vivian Richmeier
07/28 Robert Evans
07/29 Sam Evans
07/29 Charles Long
July Anniversaries
45 years Thomas Bennett
25 years Rhonda Wallace
12 years Jimmye Grimes
12 years Benjamin Janes
8 years Will Byington
8 years Robert Evans
4 years Wain Bates
4 years Lee Roberts
3 years Bonny Askew
3 years Billy Brown
3 years William Goff
3 years David Prusakowski
3 years Lonnie Roberson
3 years Imani Welch
Exchange Club Committees Need You!
Watch for a Special Survey this week regarding Committees. We are Rome's Service Club, and we get things done best when we work together. Be thinking now about where you want to plug in, and let us know by responding to the survey. You will hear more about this at Friday's meeting.