July 7, 2021

This Week's Meeting is a
Business Meeting
No Guests Please

Grilled Hamburger steak and gravy
Fried fish
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Broccoli casserole
Save the Date!!! Registration is now open for the Clocktower 5K Road Race & 2 Mile Health Walk. Register now at www.tillmanclocktowerrace.org
Family Resource Center
We have a family that needs a stovetop/oven (Electric please). If you have one to donate, please call Laura Chapman at 706-290-0764

"Always roll up your windows while meeting with families!" says Laura Chapman, one of our Exchange Parent Aides. Apparently, she left her windows down and was surprised when a new furry friend jumped up on her shoulder as she travelled back to the office. Kitty was delivered safely back home... but Laura will always leave her windows rolled up going forward!

Cassidy Carter, Development officer with Floyd Healthcare Foundation recently presented the FRC with a $750 grant from their Focus on the Future fund. This grant will provide safety supplies, car seats, and support our ABC of Safe Sleep Program. Thank you Floyd Healthcare Foundation for supporting safe and healthy childhoods!

Exchange members - Be on the lookout for grant opportunities that come your way through utility companies or your work place. Those grants can support our work! Buzz Wachsteter recently submitted a grant as a customer of Constellation and secured $500 that we can use to purchase educational/therapy items for the FRC. Our Parent Aides will use these tools with families to assist children with their development. Thanks Buzz!

Help with the Public Safety Expo
We need your help this Saturday to cook and sell hamburgers and hotdogs for the Public Safety Expo. Please give Charles Long a call at 706-252-0610 if you are interested in helping. If you can't help, but would are interested in meeting some of our Public Safety personnel and seeing them in action, come on out to the Fairgrounds!
Please reach out to Carol Abrams to make sure you are caught up on your dues.
Jim Belzer was placed on palliative care. He can have up to four visitors at one time, and the hospital visitation times do not have to be observed. He is in Room 3204 at Floyd Medical Center. Please keep Jim and his medical team in your prayers.
To share Fellowship News:
Please contact Sean Moriarity
This a great time to be a sports fan!

Finals: Game 2
Bucks vs Suns
Suns lead 1-0

Finals: Game 3
Bucks vs Suns

Finals: Game 4
Bucks Vs Suns

Euros (European Soccer Championship)


Italy vs

Stanley Cup Final
Tampa Bay vs Montreal
Game 5
TB leads 3-1
July Birthdays
07/01 Lisa Stuenkel
07/01 Diane Warner
07/02 Cathy Kerce
07/03 Joe Watters
07/08 J. Ronald Kiefer
07/12 Jimmye Grimes
07/14 Glenda Almand
07/15 Dan Caesar
07/16 Will Byington
07/19 David Estes
07/19 Imani Welch
07/20 Wain Bates
07/21 Ward Daugherty
07/22 Robert Smyth
07/23 Jim Loyd
07/24 Scott Rogers Henson
07/24 Paula Wachsteter
07/27 Vivian Richmeier
07/28 Robert Evans
07/29 Sam Evans
07/29 Charles Long
July Anniversaries
45 years Thomas Bennett
25 years Rhonda Wallace
12 years Jimmye Grimes
12 years Benjamin Janes
8 years Will Byington
8 years Robert Evans
4 years Wain Bates
4 years Lee Roberts
3 years Bonny Askew
3 years Billy Brown
3 years William Goff
3 years David Prusakowski
3 years Lonnie Roberson
3 years Imani Welch
Exchange Club Committees Need You!
Watch for a Special Survey this week regarding Committees. We are Rome's Service Club, and we get things done best when we work together. Be thinking now about where you want to plug in, and let us know by responding to the survey. You will hear more about this at Friday's meeting.