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Local Businesses Share
In the coming weeks, we are interviewing local business owners to see how they are doing. We are publishing brief articles about each business - maybe you can relate to some of these business owners? Please consider supporting these businesses. Contact us to be interviewed 455-5053.
Interview #1
Owner: Kelsey Bacon 
What the business does:  I'm a website designer focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs. Every business needs a website that fits their brand and brings in clients. I want to bring the customer service back into web design by working together and helping you even after your website is finished.
Target audience:  I saw a need in the small business world, especially with artists and entrepreneurs, that need a way to promote their work/services without going to a large firm where they would get lost. 
Actions taken during the shutdown:  I am giving a discount on my rate this month to help several businesses that got caught needing a website to sell online now that they have to be closed. Personally, I've been trying to write letters/cards to friends and family to help us stay connected and that's been amazing.
How has COVID-19 impacted her business?  Not being able to meet my clients in person and take photographs that might be needed, but we are working through it!
What has she learned?  My main mistake when I first opened was to not give myself 100% confidence and push through to meet potential clients. You've probably spent years training for, and put time, sweat, and tears into your business. Trust yourself and go for it!
Special offer:  I am doing a $1000 flat fee for my website design services for May/June. Take this time now to invest in your business, so when things are open again you'll be ahead of the game.
Contact:  Kelsey Bacon,, 509-221-0328
Interview #2
Owners:  Deborah & Bob Jirasek
What the business does:  Painting with a Twist is a franchised paint and sip studio in Spokane Valley. What makes them different is that they can have people of all ages at their location.There are classes for kids and adults, and they make stencils for all paintings, which makes it easier to complete a painting that you'll like. "A lot of customers say they love us," said Deborah. They have different studio sizes and run a variety of classes per week while also normally offering wine and food.
Target audience:  Women 24-54
Actions taken during the shutdown:  Applied for the SBA loan
How has COVID-19 affected the business:  The business has been closed since March 16. However, their corporate office (they are a franchise) has released painting videos with artists. Painting kits can be picked at their location in Spokane Valley and used with the videos for painting at home. 
What they've learned:  We have learned many lessons through time.
Special offer:  Go online to check out upcoming online painting classes; order a kit for $30, and pick it up curbside at the business, take it home and enjoy!
Contact:  Deborah,, 509-413-9892
Interview #3
´╗┐Owner:  Laura Bacon
What the business does:  Full-service marketing communications with a focus on social media advertising 
Target audience:  Businesses and non-profits that need marketing and communication support.
Actions taken during the shutdown:  Has been offering free consultations to help businesses pivot their messaging.  
How has COVID affected her business:  She has seen a positive trend in the community coming together to help each other, and although some clients scaled back on work, others picked up additional marketing work during the shutdown.  
What has she learned:  Self-doubt can creep in for business owners. She works on hard on reflecting upon the success of her clients.  
Special offer:  Free marketing analysis of your current strategies and engagement.  
Contact:  Laura Bacon, The Branding Boutique Spokane,, 509-981-0169