Volume 110 | April 29th, 2021
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Woman Facing Homicide Charge in Shooting Death of Sheridan Man in Billings
According to KTVQ in Billings, 31-year-old Kristy Lynn Chavez has been charged with Felony Deliberate Homicide by Accountability for her involvement in the killing and carjacking of a Sheridan man last week. Court documents obtained by Q2 state that Chavez and another man, identified as Michael McClure, abducted and assaulted the victim, 33-year-old Dennis Gresham at the Yellowstone River Campground in Billings last Friday. Chavez and McClure approached Gresham’s, van and asked for a cigarette and a ride. Gresham told them no, and an altercation began before the two entered the van equipped with guns.
111 Years Ago, Elk Came Back to the Bighorns
This month, 111-years ago, elk were re-introduced into the Bighorn Mountains.

Today, over 12,000 elk roam the Bighorn Mountains. But this wasn’t always the case. Due to unregulated and market hunting, the elk on the Bighorn mountains nearly became extinct. Elk were being hunted to supply meat for cities such as Cheyenne and Denver, and for mining camps, logging camps and Army forts. Elk was also on the menus in many high-end restaurants.
Wyoming Real Estate: "Red Hot Market" Due to Out-of-State Buyers
It’s a seller’s market.

That’s what Wyoming real estate agents are saying after an influx of out-of-state buyers has all but decimated the available properties in the last year. 

For example, in Cody, there are 193 active licensed realtors – but only 20 available residential properties in the city limits.

Jake Ivanoff, president of the Northwest Wyoming Board of Realtors, said rather than a buyer’s market, in which the supply is greater than the demand, it’s now a seller’s market.
Female Grizzly Killed West of Wyoming; $40,000 Reward Offered
A $40,000 reward has been offered for information in the killing of a female grizzly bear in Idaho in an area about 10 miles west of Yellowstone National Park.

The Idaho Fish and Game Department on Monday announced the killing of the grizzly which authorities believe occurred in mid-March at the Pole Bridge Campground and also resulted in the death of her 6 to 8-week cub.
Sports News
Weather Forecast Looks Good for our Local Teams This Week
TRACK / FIELD - Sheridan high school track athletes will be competing in a couple of events this week at Thunder Basin in Gillette tomorrow and an event in Buffalo Friday.

GOLF - The Bronc and Lady Bronc golfers will tee it up in Gillette Friday.

TENNIS - The Bronc and Lady Bronc tennis teams will play their next matches in Gillette Saturday.
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Fun Facts
  • Over 61,000 people in the U.S. are getting their oil changed right now.

  • You burn more calories eating celery than it contains (the more you eat the thinner you become).

  • 45% of us say taking a long, hot shower instantly puts us in a good mood.

  • Attorneys have plastic surgery more than any other profession.

  • 29% of women have tried to enhance their appearance by stuffing their bra with toilet paper.

  • Recent research shows that your Facebook status is more memorable than lines from a book.

  • An electric knife is the number one small appliance given as a wedding gift these days.

  • According to Men's Health, 25% of men have started a fire in the kitchen.

  • Research says that men are more likely to obey the law while they're married.
Sheridan... 100 Years Ago
A Look Back in Time: April 27th, 1921
Roy Seney is the nominee for the presidency of the Sheridan Commercial club for the coming year. The slate of officers will be voted upon May 5.
City policeman L. B. Moody is confined to his home with an attack of influenza.

L. F. Johnston has returned to Sheridan after a business trip in Clearmont, Arvada and other Powder River communities.

Street Commissioner Judson Bibb today announced the completion of extensive repairs on the Park street and Fifth street bridges across the Big Goose creek.

Sheridan resident Miss Beulah Walker left on Train No. 41 this afternoon for Boise, Idaho, where she will visit with her sister.
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