A Special Update in Response to Covid-19
Burned OUT? You're not alone.
The year 2020 is half over. In 6 months, this year of unprecedented events has taken its toll on many in our community. Our team of mental health experts offers our most heartfelt reminder to everyone in our #ACFSTexas community:

Self-care isn't selfish. And, in these times, self-care is necessary for survival.

While self-care does not look the same for everyone, it is essential to recognize that everyone needs their own time and space for care - now, more than ever. We hope you will join us in a deep breath and a moment for  yourself  today. We urge you to follow ACFS on social media to receive mental health updates, positive news, and support for our community.
Here at ACFS, we know that the effects of COVID-19 are not yet over for our State. In addition to health concerns, we recognize that Texans struggle with financial strain, loss, and isolation. With Texans in need,  our commitment to our community's mental health remains steadfast

Our ACFS Team is working tirelessly to ensure that  when Texans reach out for mental health support, there is someone there to answer the call .

We are grateful for the support of United Way of Dallas through the North Texas CARES Collaboration and community support from Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market #6578 in North Richland Hills through the Wal-Mart Community Grants Program.

These generous gifts have allowed us to extend our COVID-19 Hardship Counseling Program through May 31, 2021 ! Though there are additional guidelines for qualification, recipients receive the same unwavering support, convenient telehealth access, and quality mental health care.
Thank you again to United Way of Metropolitan Dallas through the North Texas CARES Collaboration AND Walmart Neighborhood Market # 6578 who made the initial extension of services possible.