Tutum Times - December 2021
Reflect & Release.
'Tis the season for reflection. As you do so, I encourage you to add 'releasing' to your reflection, if you don't do so already. As you take inventory of everything from closets to relationships, both professional and personal relationships (closets too if you have them!), clear them out and make peace with what no longer serves you so you can create space and room to receive.

This is a key principle to success: make room and create space to receive.

Regarding relationships, maybe releasing the entire relationship isn't necessary, but specific parts or elements of the relationship may be in order. I'll use myself and my beloved pup, Schatze, as an example.

I'm definitely not releasing our relationship, but she and I (unbeknownst to her) are actively removing an element in our relationship that no longer serves us: spending almost every minute together since Covid began to impact us in March 2020.

As difficult in the moment as it is to work on building up her separation resilience, it's greatly important for each us to be able to live independent lives throughout blocks of time each day while simultaneously trusting each other - Schatze trusting me that I'll be back and me trusting that Schatze feels secure and safe, even in my momentary absence.

What relationships, or elements of certain relationships, no longer serve you? As you ponder, enjoy the latest Tutum Leadership Coaching updates below. Always know, you are appreciated!
Tutum Tithing

10% of all earnings go directly to non-profit organizations Tutum Leadership Coaching supports because they positively impact our communities and the human race as a whole.

November 2021 Tithing - Peak Lab Rescue

In honor of my rescue pup's birthday, Schatze, November's tithing supported the organization who rescued her and I adopted her from: Peak Lab Rescue. No doubt, Schatze picked me and I'm thankful for her daily lessons of patience and pure joy in simple pleasures.
Cara's Corner

In conversation this past spring, I was encouraged to share my quips and mini learning lessons I've gathered along the way throughout this gift called life thus far.

The encouragement turned into 'Cara's Corner'.

Here's the latest!

Again, thank you for your continued support by sharing these exciting updates with those you know can benefit from increased confidence and a stronger sense of self. 

As always, should questions arise, email me at cara@tutumleadershipcoaching.com
Stay safe my friends!
Your leadership coach, Cara
Founder & CEO, Tutum Leadership Coaching

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