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In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News, we're excited to share a video about "Precise Automation" . We've also included a video about the "Parker Virtual Engineer" - a new tool where users can easily enter application specifications for quick, accurately sized product options.

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Dynamic Solutions Presents: Precise Automation
Easily Create The Sophisticated & Efficient Motions You Need

Features include:

  • Simulate complex human motion using straight-line, curved, and blended motions
  • Easily access vertical or horizontal arrays with intuitive pallet programming features
  • Slide parts into place and avoid jam with Horizontal Compliance feature

Contact us today to let us apply our expertise in the area to your motion solution.
Parker Virtual Engineer
Online Sizing and Selection Tool to Simplify Collaboration, Reduce Design Time and Ensure Optimal Solutions.

Virtual Engineer is a new tool where users can easily enter application specifications (ex. speed, load, external forces) and quickly navigate to accurately sized product options.

After completing specifications, Virtual Engineer will clearly display the differences between the most suitable products, and this information can be submitted to Parker for a price quote.

With the ability to connect directly with Parker motion control experts, Virtual Engineer takes collaboration to a whole new level, and by doing so, helps to increase efficiency of your own valuable engineering resources.

Watch our video to see the benefits of the Parker Virtual Engineer.
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