NR Gift Guide #2:
Constructive & Creative Play

We hope you enjoyed last week's holiday guide on Active (Physical) Play. This week we delve in to the importance of Constructive & Creative Play for your child.
Constructive or creative play is serious business for young children… as you may have noticed from watching your child get engrossed in an arts and crafts masterpiece, go “all in” to recreate their favorite movie scene, or transform your dining room table into a fort!

It’s an amazing feeling to watch your little one create magical worlds simply by building, stacking, constructing, or drawing… all types of constructive or creative play! We asked our kids about some of their favorite types of play, and here’s what they had to say! They love...
  • Stacking blocks
  • Creating construction brick scenes and structures
  • Drawing and painting pictures
  • Making sandcastles & playing in sand
  • Creating sculptures or art with recycled materials
  • Creating an obstacle course
Whether your child is a toddler or a 10-year old...creative play offers an unlimited world of opportunities for exploration and discovery with many wonderful benefits for your child:
  • Develops fine & gross motor skills
  • Helps kids practice problem solving and planning
  • Develops visual-spatial skills
  • Teaches logic
  • Enhances creativity, curiosity and imagination
  • Rewards persistence/perseverance
  • Utilizes mathematical skills
  • Promotes color recognition
So, how do you encourage your children to enjoy, explore, and experience the thrill of constructive & creative play? Here are 3 easy ways to foster this type of play:

  1. Provide spaces that are safe, accessible, and full of open-ended materials.
  2. Encourage construction play activities whether inside or outside.
  3. Interact with your children — without directing! — and ask open-ended questions.

Pro Tip: Inspire new types of constructive play by providing a variety of materials! Continually adding new and stimulating elements while removing others keeps it fresh and exciting.

And you don’t have to overthink it — ideas for creative play are all around us… Especially in the simple objects, that to your child, are not so simple! Try using some of the items that you probably already have around the house like: sponges, paper, tape, cardboard and boxes, markers, crayons, pencils, and paint.

We also love these engaging, eco-friendly toys that are wonderful for construction play - browse our constructive play collection to find: Blocks, Stackers, Nesting Toys, Play Dough, and much more!
Here's some of our favorite toys to encourage constructive & creative play:
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