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October 2020
Eileen's Lesson
A few years ago, I was driving my car on the beltway and I heard someone's car alarm go off.
I figured that it must have been a car on the road alongside me, as the sound never decreased in volume. I shook my head and thought to myself, 'Who drives their car and doesn't even notice that the alarm is going off?'

Meanwhile, a car came up beside mine, rolled down his window and pointed at me. That's when I realized I was the culprit. Unbeknownst to me, I was sitting on my car keys and that obnoxious car
alarm was mine. Oh my!

Many times, we are so focused on something else that we don't see things right in front of us. The same thing happens to managers when it comes to HR. Are you keenly aware of what's happening in your workplace?

That's why it's helpful to get a fresh perspective from someone on the outside, who can help us get back on track and on the road. If you could use some help, give us a call.

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Reopening Your Office Safely: Essential Practices

As companies across the nation cautiously get back to work, they need to strike a delicate balance between their existing processes and what's necessary to accommodate a new normal.

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5 Secrets to Building a Resilient Remote Workforce

It's the stuff that allows us to adapt, recover, and grow stronger from adverse situations. In the workplace, resilient teams generally have greater clarity of purpose, stronger connections, and a can-do attitude.

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Essential Tips for Effectively Managing Your Workforce
Industry News You Can Use
When Your Boss Doesn't Respect Your Family Commitments

Working for a boss who dismisses your family commitments can be exhausting. This is particularly challenging during the pandemic when many people's work and home lives have collided.

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