Curry in a Hurry Launched at Fancy Food Show

This past month, we also participated in the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, hosted by the Specialty Food Association . The 2018 show featured more than 2,600 exhibitors, with representation from 54 countries around the world.

We were very excited to launch Curry in a Hurry Madras flavor , the first in our new line of sauces made with Grassfed Organic Ghee !

Our premiere product, Grassfed Organic Ghee, has been featured in numerous notable publications, and most recently in an article from The Washington Post " 10 Trendy Foods You'll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere. "
We loved hosting our first farm-to-table dinner!
Last weekend, we co-hosted a farm-to-fork meal at our local Cherry Grove Farm , along with Le Bon Magot. The menu featured a wide variety of truly delicious entrées and drinks, including... saag panner made with local foraged greens... a jal-jeera mocktail... aloo ghobi made with several of our spices... and a traditional Indian dessert called gulab jamun . We had a great time preparing the dishes and can't wait to support the next farm-to-fork meal as soon as we get the chance! The heavy rainfall didn’t stop any of signed up guests from showing up on time. We had such a great time!
Ghee is perfect for college students

This past year, our oldest child, our daughter Anjali, started college in New York. Our children have so often been the inspiration behind our products, which is why you now see us focusing on spice blends, kits and curry sauces. All of these new products are designed to help our daughter---and others---cook delicious, healthy meals easily, and without much fuss.

As parents, we all want to feed our children the most nutritious, delicious foods we can prepare. Yet leaving home for college often means sacrificing proper nourishment that comes with good home cooking. Busy students need good nutrition for steady concentration and a healthy disposition. Yet, with all the pressures of school work and after-school activities, a student’s health and food habits can greatly be impacted.

Our Ghee Products are delicious and nutrient-dense foods that do not require refrigeration, cooking or preparation. They can sit on a countertop and simply be added to any food to enhance nutritional quality and taste.

Want to give our herbal ghee a try? Make sure you grab a jar and use the coupon below.
One of our customers tried Shatavari in coffee and says it's delicious!
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EXP 8/12/2018
Don't miss out!

We are now preparing SUPERFOOD organic cultured ghee herbal infusions! Don't let the long description scare you. These are actually ghees that can be taken as supplements. So far, the feedback has been fantastic!

People are stirring these ghees into coffee, tea, smoothies, rice, soups, lentils, curries, and more! Has taking a supplement ever been easier?

Our herbal ghees can*:

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.