" P assion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."
~ Oprah Winfrey

In normal times, when we didn't have to deal with COVID-19, school would be out, and summer would offer the opportunity to take time off from work; and maybe relax, have fun, and travel. But while some people might be getting back into the swing of things, for the elderly or those at high risk, summer will be a continuation of the previous months, where we've had to shelter in place. One thing about doing so, though, is that it has given us new ways of being with ourselves.

For example, some of us have experimented with the art of surrendering and the practice of mindfulness. If guru Ram Dass was still with us, he would remind us to "be here now." What he was referring to was engaging in a deep sense of being in the present moment, but also doing so over a longer time period. He advised us to be free of distractions that would take us away from the here and now.

A similar idea was advocated by psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, whose book I've reviewed below. Remaining in the moment and having meaning in your life are ways to do so. When we have meaning in our life, we have a passion and a reason for living. One subject I often discuss in my writing classes is the importance of finding your passion on the path to healing and transformation. Some people are very clear about their passions, while others have jobs that simply put food on the table, and they're not sure what would really bring them joy.

Since many of you are staying at home, perhaps it's a good time to ponder what brings joy and meaning into your life. Consider writing about something meaningful, and perhaps it is connected to a passion of yours.
Creatively Yours,

  • Write about a summer experience you'll never forget.
  • Write about how this summer will be different for you.
  • Write a letter to a friend you haven't seen in a long time.
  • Write about a life long passion of yours.

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This timeless book, published for the first time in English, was written by the author of Man's Search for Meaning , which has been a very impactful book for me. I've always believed that the key to happiness is finding one's passion. Logotherapy is a term coined by Frankl, meaning that the key to survival is knowing our meaning in life. As a psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, he realized in the concentration camps that this was the key to his own survival.

Our lives, he contended, constantly pose the question about our life's meaning. He said, "What we 'radiate' into the world, the 'waves' that emanate from our being, that is what will remain of us when our being itself has long passed away" (p. 45). He went on to say that if life has a meaning, then suffering has a meaning, but that lends itself to a completely other discussion, touching on the subject that "from all bad comes good."

Life Doesn't Frighten Me: Poem by Maya Angelou, Paintings by Jean-Michel-Basquiat, Edited by Sara Jane Boyers.

A beautifully-crafted children's book by the amazing beloved Maya Angelou. In essence, it's a beautiful ode to courage. It's a good book to read when feeling fearful or uncertain. Not only is it saying that everything will be all right, but it's also saying, "be strong," and "let it be."

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