First I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and say thank you to all of our many supporters who helped us make it through this very tough year.

The struggles we faced in 2020 impacted our rescue efforts in ways we never imagined. We had limited access to veterinary hospitals due to COVID-19 which significantly impaired our rescue capabilities.

As an organization that strives to overcome obstacles which stand in the way of our rescue efforts, we came to the realization that it is imperative that we have a veterinary hospital which is accessible to our rescued dogs at all times.

We have formed a secondary non-profit organization called APAWS (Animal Protection and Wellness Services) that will operate as a low-cost veterinary hospital which will not only provide care to our Detroit Pit Crew dogs, but it will also be accessible to the general public, as well as to a few of our rescue partners. APAWS will also be a holding facility for animals that need to be held under protective custody and are part of cruelty cases.

We have found the perfect building for our new entity and we are currently under contract to purchase this property which is located on the border of Detroit in the City of Eastpointe. We anticipate that APAWS will be up and running by the summer of 2021.

This will be a very expensive endeavor as the cost to purchase, renovate, equipment and staff APAWS is expected to cost around a million dollars. We have a very special donor who is currently matching all donations made towards APAWS up to $50,000.00.

Please consider making a year-end tax deductible donation to help us with this large undertaking which will not only benefit our rescued dogs, but it will also benefit the community.

Donations can be made by clicking on the donate button below or by going to Checks can be mailed to Detroit Pit Crew P.O. Box 3111, Center Line, MI 48015.

Thank you for helping us make miracles happen for the voiceless dogs that need us the most!

 With sincere gratitude,
 Theresa Sumpter
Executive Director, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue
Here are a few of our December rescues
Poor boy Saint was found on Christmas at a gas station in Detroit with a significant wound to his neck. It was later determined that he also had a partial blockage which required emergency surgery. Thankfully he survived. His sad life on the streets of Detroit will be a distant memory.
Hanah is our little 4 month old puppy that was found wandering around in the freezing cold on Christmas Eve. Thankfully some kindhearted residents picked her up and called us for help. She is now in a warm foster home and we have promised her that her stray life is officially OVER!
We rescued Willie after he was left behind by squatters in Detroit. He was so emaciated and weak from being malnourished that he was not able to sit up or walk. We rushed him to an emergency vet hospital for care and he is now doing well and is in a foster to adopt home.
Noel was found in Detroit severely matted and laying in the road after being hit by a car. We rushed her to an emergency veterinary hospital where it took 3 people 45 minutes to shave off 2lbs of her matted hair. She also had a broken pelvis and a hip out of joint which she later had surgery for. She is now in a warm home continuing her recovery and she is looking forward to her much better life off the streets.
Sweet little boy Dasher is only 8 week old puppy was found standing in the middle of the road on Christmas Day in Detroit. Thankfully a kindhearted Detroiter stopped and secured him before he got hit by a car. It took him a while to get warm but now he is enjoying life in his loving foster home. Better are ahead for this sweet little guy.
Princess was surrendered to us by her owner. She came to us with an injured leg and very skinny. Unfortunately the home she came from had no heat or running water and her owner was not able to provide her with the medical care she needed. Although we are primarily a stray dog rescue, we knew that Princess was a special girl that desperately needed our help.
Hambone found himself at a church in Detroit looking for help. Thankfully some kindhearted church members saw how skinny he was and they called us for help. Hambone's days trying to survive the streets of Detroit are officially OVER!
Taco was one of many dogs that we rescued on Christmas day. He had been found laying on the porch of a resident of Detroit who called for help. It was extremely cold out and snowing when Taco was rescued and we have promised him that he will never spend another cold night out on the streets again.
These two sweet puppies were living outside in the cold trying to survive when their owner agreed to surrender them too us. Now they are both in warm foster homes and they are both looking forward to living indoors with loving families of their own.
Jingles was rescued in Detroit on Christmas Eve after being hit by a car which broke her pelvis and shattered her leg. She had orthopedic surgery to put her leg back together and today we expect that she will be released from the hospital. No more running the streets of Detroit for this sweet girl.
Poor Twinkle was surrendered to us after he tested positive for parvo. He is currently receiving care at an emergency veterinary hospital. Sadly he is very sick and will be having a feeding tube inserted later today. We are hoping and praying that he will survive.
Kringle was found on Christmas Eve wandering around in the extreme cold. He was very skinny, mangy and he had frostbite. It took us a little while to convince him to come with us but once he got in to our warm truck he laid down and went right to sleep. Now he is in a nice warm foster home and he is doing well.
Prudence was found in Detroit with a severe injury to her leg. We transported her to an emergency veterinary hospital were she spent several days receiving care. We happy to report that her stray days living on the cold streets of Detroit are over.
Poor Holiday was found wandering the streets of Detroit by some DPD officers that called us for help. She was extremely emaciated and weak. We rushed her to a veterinary hospital for care where she was also diagnosed with heartworm disease. She is planning on spending 2021 in a home of her own right after she finishes her heartworm treatment.
Officers from Detroit 5th precinct and Special Ops found this sweet skinny fellow in a field on the Eastside of Detroit. We took him to an emergency veterinary hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to have a partial blockage removed. Now he is fully vetted and looking for his forever home.
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Proceeds from the sale of this calendar will go toward our extensive veterinary bills and the fight against dog abuse and neglect.
Tips for a Safe Fur Holiday

Dear Friends! Are you enjoying the snow? I know I am, but it definitely changes outside activities for us. My pitties get cold quick so might yours. You can try boots and winter jackets but ease them into wearing them as it can be very strange. Another good winter tip would be to wipe off paws when coming inside since not everyone uses pet-friendly salt and it can be harsh and dry out feet. This also gives you the opportunity to make sure there are not cuts from any icy spots.

My house is decorated for the holiday spirit, but I am watching carefully to make sure no one else tries to get any ornaments off the tree since I have seen dogs eat anything from glass to tinsel. When you are cold so are they! When your fur friends are shivering, sluggish or whining bring them in so that we can all be safe and warm this holiday season.

Warm tidings, Dr. Kayla, DVM
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