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January 2020
The holiday season is over but January offers us all a fresh start.
What are you doing to kick off the new year? Maybe it's time to take a fresh look at your organization's HR practices.
Eileen's Lesson:
Do you have a doorbell? Most of us who own homes do. We have a battery-operated doorbell in our home.
When our children were born, we removed the batteries because the bell woke them up from naps. Years later, we got a dog and she was not fond of the doorbell, so we continued to leave the batteries out. Which was fine because the dog notified us of visitors long before the visitors had a chance to press the doorbell button. 
One day, I received a text from a friend “Are you home? I’m outside ringing and ringing your doorbell and no one is answering. I don’t even hear the dog barking at me.” What happened? Our children were grown and flown and our dog -she was just older and clearly didn’t care. 

Now, we could have easily put the battery back in the device(if we knew where they went). But our life had changed, we needed to think about what we wanted. We were empty nesters with a dog. Did we even want/need a doorbell? Should we get one of those Ring doorbells? Something else? And were there others things in our life that needed to change now that we no longer had a full house? Things change and the tools we use also change. 
Sound familiar? Many times organizations go through changes and need to evaluate if what they are using still works. Unfortunately, you won’t have a friend texting you from the front door. So why not hire the HR Team to evaluate your HR processes, policies and procedures instead? 

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The HR Team Welcomes 2020 with a New Leadership Structure

January 2, 2020 - The HR Team has announced an evolution in the company’s leadership structure. Company founder Eileen Levitt is transitioning to the position of CEO and Karen Warthen will assume the role of president.

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Strategies for Managing Flexible Working Arrangements

Employers benefit from reduced costs, increased worker productivity and better retention, while employees enjoy a boost in morale, reduced stress and greater job satisfaction. It sounds like a win-win for everyone, doesn't it?

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The office will be closed Friday January 24th for staff development.
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: January 20, 2020

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a social activist and Baptist minister who played a key role in the American civil rights movement from the mid-1950s until his assassination in 1968. Martin Luther King Day was first celebrated in 1986.

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5 Benefits All Startups Should Offer in 2020

Yesterday's benefits don't resonate with today's employees. With uncertainty surrounding the future of healthcare coverage and the pressure of student loans, companies must rethink their benefits packages to attract the best and brightest.

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The HR Team, Inc.

People with different needs are going to run into conflict every single day. Whether you're a manager or an employee, an invaluable skill to learn is how to manage conflict resolution.

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