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In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News, we're excited to share "The Power of Gears to Lower Motion System Cost". We've also included a cool video about Precise Automation Industrial Collaborative Robots - they're the next generation of Collaborative Robots! Also, we're sharing "What You Should Know About Frameless Motors". Enjoy the read!
The Power of Gears to Lower Motion System Cost
Gearless System Owners take note: Using a Gearhead with a Servo Motor or using an Integrated Gearmotor can enable the use of a smaller Motor, thereby reducing the system size and cost. 

Primary Advantages Of Gears:

  • Torque Multiplication
  • RPM Reduction
  • Inertia Matching
  • System Cost Savings

The Next Generation of Collaborative Robots
Precise Automation Offers:

  • Full line of Industrial Collaborative Robots
  • Motion Control that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Easy to use Vision Guidance
  • It's the world's fastest/safest SCARA Robot
  • World's only Collaborative Cartesian Robot

Watch our video and we'll show you why our customers are loving it!
What You Should Know About Frameless Motors

The performance advantage of a Frameless Motor  is in the increased rigidity (stiffness) that it provides when designed into a machine. There are no mechanical elements between the motor and load (couplings, belts, pulleys, etc.) so dynamic performance is improved. Inertia matching is not as critical as the motor and load are now one inertial mass. In addition, because there are no mechanical parts to wear, the lifetime of the entire system is increased and maintenance costs are reduced.


In conclusion, Frameless Motors are an ideal solution for applications such as machine tool, centrifuges, mixers, winders, or any other application where mechanical elements represent additional maintenance costs and important loss of space. Parker offers frame sizes ranging from 32 to 254 mm in diameter providing torque from 6.3 to 13,000 oz-in, and speeds up to 50,000 rpm. A variety of windings are available which will allow you to optimize your motor based on your power supply and application requirements.

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