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Winter’s Wrath
By: Dan Ziomek
Do your Rhododendrons look like this?

This winter did not seem terrible in terms of snow or cold temperatures but the wind was a different story. Large-leaf Rhododendrons took the brunt of this wind and are showing this damage now. 

Curled and wilted leaves are evident throughout the landscape. We would advise leaving these plants alone until after they bloom. By that time new growth will be showing and curled leaves will begin to fall off.  
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Fresh Window Box Ideas for Summer
Yes, it's time for some fresh ideas for your window boxes. Check out a few of these ideas then add your own style and color palette.

Maximize Houseplants

Using Houseplants and varying textures are essential for shady window boxes. The Ivies add a draping effect in contrast to the spikes in the back drop.
Color Palettes
Exploring all the hues within a color palette is a great trick when choosing plants for a window box or planter. Think of those color strips at the paint store for help. These always turn out lovely. Note the yellow and orange Million bells (Calibrachoa) and draping Bacopa.
Repetition, Height and Balance
Repetition, structure, balance, and just enough airiness to make it alive. The color palette pairs both bold and soft. The height and texture variations keep it interesting.
Bold and Wispy
Think bold colors and repeating patterns for a window box that shouts in color. The whitish-pink tall Gaura contrasts the deep purple Million bells (Calibrachoa). Love that long lasting color.
A note from Tom and Janine
We certainly have seen our share of rain and cloudy days during April but that hasn't diminished the fantastic selection of colorful plants in our nursery yard and annual greenhouse. If anything we have had a nice ease into spring with the flowering shrubs and trees lasting longer. Deliveries of Perennials, Annuals and Herbs are happening daily and folks seem to be getting started even earlier this year with their pots and planting. So much to keep up with so we are planning on multiple newsletters for May & June. In the meantime check us out on Facebook and Instagram for the latest pics and news. Happy spring and bring on the sunshine!

Tom and Janine Giles and the staff at Hadley Garden Center
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