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October 2022

Eileen's Lesson

At the beginning of 2001, we took a family Spring break trip to the Bahamas.

It was a group tour that had its own charter flight.

We were approaching Nassau, and the pilot announced that the weather wasn't good to land and that we would be circling the airport for a bit. However, he stated that we had 2 hours of fuel, so we were good for a while.

About 1.5 hours later, the pilot stated that the weather wasn't clearing up and that we would need to head to Miami and should arrive in about 45 minutes. After doing some quick math, panic set in among all the passengers. What was going on? Were we even going to get to Miami? 

Fortunately, we arrived safe and sound.

On the return flight, we had a different pilot. Before taking off, he announced, "I don't know what happened on the way here. But I want to assure everyone that I'm confident we have enough gas to get us to Baltimore!"

Suffice it to say, our feelings about the airline charter company weren't nearly as confident due to an ill-timed breakdown in communication.

Don’t let your employee communications give you a fright. If you need help, contact The HR Team.


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Employee Engagement and HR Roles

It's no secret that companies with engaged workforces vastly outperform those without them. When people feel their work matters and that they're valued, the sky is the limit. Consider these revealing facts: Employee engagement has a very real impact on organizational success. Companies with highly engaged workforces are 24% more profitable.

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Employment Laws for Remote Employees

For the most part, remote employment has meant working from a home office. But the "work from anywhere" concept is being taken literally by a growing number of workers, who may now be toiling away from far-flung locations like vacation destinations and the homes of out-of-state relatives.

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Personal Triumph In the News:

Cancer survivor inspires others through Baltimore Running Festival

“A breast cancer survivor who also wears a pacemaker is training to run the half marathon in this weekend's Baltimore Running Festival. Eileen Levitt has run several races despite her health challenges and has even got her husband to start running, too.”

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Know Anyone Awesome Who'd Like to Join Our Team?

The HR Team, renowned for delivering elite HR support services for strategic and tactical client needs, is seeking highly-motivated, experienced Human Resources Managers to serve clients in the DC metro area. Team members enjoy a fun, dynamic environment that blends a variety of work with the stability of a regular paycheck. The extreme flexibility of full-time or part-time positions is available.

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SHRM Viewpoint:

To Get People Back in the Office, Make It Social

​While people around the world have been returning to restaurants, concerts, and travel, there's one place many of them aren't going: the office. In today's hybrid world, "work" is increasingly something people do, not a place they go. There's no going back to 2019, so it's time to rethink the role of the office—for both workers and businesses.

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Career Site Accessibility:

Who Benefits & How Does Your Organization Measure Up?

To make the right hire or promotion, hiring managers must assess a person’s skills and abilities, but they must also understand the personality traits a candidate needs to succeed in the role and match them accordingly. If a person checks all the other boxes, but their personality doesn’t seem to fit with the company culture, reconsider if he or she will flourish in the organization.

 Watch the video below to learn more.

Hiring for Fit Video
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