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August 2022

Eileen's Lesson

A friend recently told me a funny story. They were at a party, and there were two trays of dip side by side, one of clam and one of onion. Her husband entered the room and tripped on something, which caused him to fall forward.

Fortunately, the clam/onion dip broke his fall by having one hand land in each container. The room started laughing hysterically. One of the guys there asked, “What’s everyone laughing about?” and put a chip in the dip and then ate it. The lesson: if everyone is laughing, ask why before you eat the clam dip.

In business speak, learn to read the room. Famed business leader Marcus Lemonis has some tips on how to better read the room on his blog.

And if you want to learn how to better read your employees, why not contact The HR Team.


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Remote and Hybrid Workforce Can Deliver Customer Service

If you don't have considerate, resourceful customer care teams in place, your business stands to suffer in a big way.

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Setting Expectations with Remote and Hybrid Teams

For instance, you and your team members may have vastly different ideas of what a job well done means. When your employees know what is expected of them, they are much more likely to deliver high-caliber results. Particularly when people are geographically dispersed, remote, or working in a hybrid arrangement, getting everyone on the same page is crucial for success.

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Handling Conflict in Remote and Hybrid workplace

Conflict is bound to occur in any collaborative environment. When it's handled properly, workplace conflict can be constructive, increasing trust, improving communication, and bolstering respect. Among remote and hybrid teams, however, conflict has a higher risk of festering. Employees are more likely to take professional criticism personally when it's delivered from behind a computer screen.

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Welcome, Christy!

Christy Hull, SHRM-CP, Senior Consultant, has 20+ years of Human Resources experience in all aspects of Human Resources Management. Throughout her career, Christy has worked with leadership as a consultant, assisting with performance management, communication, and organizational structure. She serves as a strategic partner by recruiting the right people and developing them for success. She is experienced in managing change, growth, and mergers/acquisitions.

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Know Anyone Awesome Who'd Like to Join Our Team?

The HR Team, renowned for delivering elite HR support services for strategic and tactical client needs, is seeking highly-motivated, experienced Human Resources Managers to serve clients in the DC metro area. Team members enjoy a fun, dynamic environment that blends a variety of work with the stability of a regular paycheck. The extreme flexibility of full-time or part-time positions is available.

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Weighing the Risks of Allowing Digital Nomad Employees

SHRM has partnered with Security Management Magazine to bring you relevant articles on key workplace topics and strategies. As companies grow more comfortable with the concept of long-term remote work, many employees have seized the opportunity to hit the road and are signing in from anywhere.

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3 Powerful Business Lessons I Learned from a Triathlon

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You might have heard that achieving great leadership or reaching success is a marathon instead of a sprint. But triathlons - which require you to swim, bike and run consecutively - are perhaps a more realistic analogy for the office, as teams frequently have to pivot to something new without quitting.

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At the HR Team, our HR audits are more than just looking at compliance: we have a process to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the overall HR function and pinpoint any potential areas of concern. Watch the video below to learn more.

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