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May 10, 2019
Upcoming Events

May 14  — Kings Board of Education Work Session, 5:30 p.m. Kings Education Center, Conf. Rm. 2.
May 16  — KHS Baccalaureate, 7:30-9:30 p.m., Christ Church, Mason.
May 19  — KHS Graduation, 7:00 p.m., Cintas Center.
May 21  — Kings Board of Education Regular Meeting, 6:00 p.m. Kings Education Center, Conf. Rm. 2.
May 23  — Last Day of School!

More event information can be found at:
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Happy Mother's Day to all of our Kings moms.
Thank you for all you do!
KHS BPA Nationals
Six Kings High School students competed at the 2019 Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference May 3-5 in Anaheim, California. 

KHS Digital Media Arts and Information Technology programs competed in Fundamental Desktop Publishing, Virtual Multimedia, and PC Servicing categories. Sydney Theiss placed 2nd in the Nation in Fundamental Desktop Publishing; Victoria Wesloh placed 3rd in the Nation in Fundamental Desktop Publishing; Avneet Dharni, Sarah Giesy, and Grace Pansch placed in the Top 10 in the Nation in Virtual Multimedia & Promotion Team; and Chris Woods placed 24th in the nation in PC Servicing & Troubleshooting.

In addition to competing in their various events students were able to see the sights of California. They walked the pier of Santa Monica, watched a crew film the first episode of a new Star Trek Series, and explored Universal Theme Park! Please congratulate these students on their accomplishments!
Kings Workforce Development Initiative
On Monday, May 6, 2019, five Kings High School students joined all high schools in Warren County as they were honored by Lt. Governor of Ohio, Jon Husted and Ohio State Senator, Steve Wilson as a part of Ohio In Demand Jobs Week.

At the event, Ben Johnson, Zachary Layman, Josh Moore, Gabe Ventura, Jaime Razo, Jack McDonald, and Jakob King  signed their intent to join the workforce after graduation.
These students have been a part of a new initiative at Kings High School. Meeting the needs of Warren County businesses prompted the United Way of Warren County (UWWC) to create a Workforce Development initiative. Aaron Reid , Executive Director of UWWC began working on this initiative after he met with business leaders in Warren County who stressed to him that there was a need to improve the skills and knowledge of residents to be able to meet employer demand.
The initiative includes a collaboration with Warren County school districts, including Kings, post-secondary education, and local businesses. Leaders identified two untapped “markets” and jobs of the 21st century, such as manufacturing, health, and STEM that weren’t being met locally. They focused on Warren County high school students who plan to enter the workforce immediately after graduation, as well as those students who do go to college but with the goal of bringing them back to Warren County to work.

District 4th Grade Combined Chorus
On Sunday May 5, the 4th grade combined choirs from J.F. Burns Elementary, Kings Mills Elementary, and South Lebanon Elementary held their Spring concert in the Kings High School Auditorium. It was a rousing success and the three elementary music teachers, Mr. Jenkins, Mrs. Maegly, and Ms. Sherby want to congratulate them on a job well done!
SLE Whole-School Field Trip
Mother Nature didn't cooperate last week for the students and staff at South Lebanon Elementary. The annual whole-school field trip to ARMCO park had to be moved indoors due to rain. Fourth grade teacher, Heather Clements said, "So, sometimes when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, you just have to make your own sunshine!"

That's exactly what the staff did! They regrouped and created a day of learning and fun for their students! They brought ARMCO park to SLE where e very student was given the opportunity to take part in a fun and engaging nature day.

Students spent their day traveling to different stations such as seeing how a tree works through an interactive activity with Cindy Meyer from Warren Co Soil and Water and Janet Lasley; Wildlife Officer, Jason Keller introduced his K9, Scout; touching furs with the help of Dennis Borda; Shannon Russell Pennington and Cindy Glorius taught students about reptiles and even let turtles race on a classroom floor; Bill Lindauer and Dave Woehr taught the students about raptors, and the students had the opportunity to do a nature scavenger hunt in the hallways, and also completed different animal exercises in the gym. Lastly, just like they would have done at the park, the students had a picnic lunch in the cafeteria!

A big thank you to 3rd grade teacher, Amanda Wey who spent a tireless amount of time planning the field trip and who, with Mrs. Pennington made an emergency indoor plan, as well as the Friends of Warren County Parks who volunteered their time to help, and parents who came to spend the day with students. Mrs. Wey said, "We are very grateful for ARMCO Park and their willingness to let us visit every year. We are hoping to make it back on-site next year!" 
KJH eCybermission Winners
The 7th grade students on Team 7 Red at Kings Junior High School were presented with a STEM challenge by their Science teacher, Vonda Fruhwirth. She challenged them to take part in the eCYBERMISSION Competition, a web-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) competition. Students were challenged to explore how STEM works in their world while working as a team to solve problems in their community and submit their findings online.

This year two KJH teams earned 1st and 2nd place in the State, respectively in the competition. The first place team, The Elementals comprised of Cameron Cooke, Campbell Mitchell, Ben Willis, and Austin Peck wanted to attack the problem of water shortages in many parts of the world. They built a multi-layered, water filtration prototype that would remove salt from water. They modified and tested each design several times. They were able to remove 41% of the salt with their final prototype. Mrs. Fruhwirth said, "In the future, the boys would like to make further modifications and add UV light to destroy bacteria."

The 2nd place team: The Science Squad #1 comprised of Elaina Lord, Katelyn Smith, and Keira McCoy wanted to find an answer to our “plastics problem” by making biodegradable water bottles. The group thought that water bottles should break-down faster than they currently do. In doing research, a recipe for biodegradable plastic was discovered. They modified the recipe several times to get the correct consistency for plastic. Over 16 days the plastic degraded about 22%."In the future the group would like to send the recipe to the patent office and then to plastics companies," said Fruhwirth.

All of the teams worked very hard on their projects. "Each year I am truly inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm that students bring to this competition," she said.
1st Place Team
The Elementals
2nd Place Team
The Science Squad #1
KHS Golden Lion Film Fest Winners
Congratulations to the following Kings High School students who are winners in the Golden Lion Film Festival.

Jordan Cornelisen was awarded the Mountain Lion (3rd place) in Animation with The Journey of Ase and the White Lion (2nd place) in the Informational/Educational category was awarded to Avneet Dharni, Sarah Giesy, and Grace Pansch for their J oshua's Place video .
KHS NHS Raise Funds to Give Back
The Kings High School National Honor Society held its last fundraiser of the year at Buffalo Wings and Rings on Friday, May 3. Ten percent of all food sales were donated to the Karen Wellington Foundation which provides women with breast cancer opportunities to go on fun spa days amazing family vacations, and other fun ventures.

The foundation sends over one hundred families on vacations each year through their “FUN-ONLY” charity. This event was organized by Anshya Tewari, Kyra VanNimwegan, Grant Shields, Victoria Wesloh, and Leah Kaesemeyer .  The Karen Wellington Foundation was chosen because it has personally helped at least one Kings family in the last couple of years. An NHS student who lost her mom earlier this school year said she wanted to raise money for this foundation to honor her mom. 

Additionally, on March 5, the National Honor Society held a fundraiser at Chipotle in Kings Mills. This fundraiser was to raise funds for Cincinnati Children's Hospital to benefit innovative research studies and family centered care at the hospital. The fundraiser was organized by Nikki Handorf, Sophie Zaso, Sari Purkiss, Savannah Douglas, Danielle Page, Caitlin Cron, Alexis Wires, and Pacie Martin . The NHS raised over $600!

KHS NHS Co-Adviser, Sandra Thomas said, " Mrs. Hardesty , KHS NHS Co-Adviser and I are so proud of the hard work these girls put into organizing this event and the support from our members and community members." 

Thank you, KHS NHS for making a difference! #KINGSSTRONG
KME Book Scavenger Hunt
The third and fourth grade classes at Kings Mills Elementary recently participated in the first ever KME Book Scavenger!

Each class read aloud Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. The book is about two friends who play a game called Book Scavenger, where books are hidden and clues to find them are revealed through puzzles.

With inspiration from the book, KME kicked off their own version of Book Scavenger! Each third and fourth-grade class and some of the KME teachers chose their favorite book to hide somewhere within the King Local School District area, many local businesses allowed them to hide books on their property. The third and fourth-grade classes worked together to solve the clues and find the books before May 17th. Once a book was found, the student reported their finding on Twitter.

It didn't take long before Mrs. Jones' third grade class was the first class to solve all the ciphers and claim all 24 books! Now that the hunt is over, students have a list of books that they might be interested in reading.

"Our students have enjoyed reading along and trying to solve the clues with the characters in the book," said KME Principal, Shawn Rosekrans . The motto of the Book Scavenger: "Life is a game, and books are the tokens."

Pictured is 3rd grader, Aubrey Kennedy as she found book 21.
KHS Work Study Celebration
If you are unable to be at the Cintas Center for this year's graduation ceremony, you can watch it livestreamed by clicking KHS Graduation Ceremony .
2019-2020 Immunizations Requirements
If you have a student entering 7th and/or 12th grade, you will need to be sure they are up-to-date on vaccines.

Students entering  7 th  grade  will need to have one dose of meningococcal (MCV4) vaccine and one dose of the  Tdap  (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis) vaccine.
Students entering  12 th  grade  will need to have a second dose of  meningococcal vaccine . The second dose must be administered on or after the 16 th  birthday. If the first dose of meningococcal vaccine was administered after the 16 th  birthday, a second dose is not required.
Ohio law allows a 14 day grace period for the beginning of the school year. If a student does not obtain the required vaccinations and provide written documentation (immunization record) or an exemption note to the school, the school will exclude that student on the 15 th  day of the 2019/2020 school year until the immunization requirement is fulfilled.
Your child may have already received this vaccine at his/her most recent check-up. If not, please schedule an appointment with your primary health care provider. In addition, the Warren County Health Department provides a variety of clinic hours offering vaccinations at a low cost. Their number is 695-1468.
Please send updated vaccination records that reflect that these requirements have been met to your child’s school nurse. 
KHS Color Guard Seeking Members
Students in grades 9-12 next year are invited to be a part of the Kings High School Color Guard!

An Open Clinic will be held on May 13 for anyone who may be interested and tryouts take place on May 16. No experience necessary!

Click here for more information.
KHS NHS Applications
Last day of school for students is
Thursday, May 23!

In case you missed it -- This week was Staff Appreciation Week. Check out this post where our community had some really nice things to say about our staff.

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KJH State Track Meet
Good luck to Zoe Lenney, Jay Holubetz, Will Kocher, Brady Wik, Elijah Jones, Ricky Davalos, Micah Luck, and Zachary Mitchell as they represent Kings at the Junior High State track meet on Saturday, May 11!   

Save the Date
Save the date for our 2nd Annual KABC Fun Run! Our 5K will be on Saturday, July 6th at Armco Park! Stay tuned for more details! 
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