ELT Remote Meetings & COVID-19 Response

In this unprecedented time of global disruption, we would like to express our sympathies to those impacted by the COVID-19 virus – both physically and economically. Like you, we are practicing social distancing to prevent the spread, and hopeful a global solution is forthcoming.

At ELT, our team has mobilized remotely and our acquisition criteria and redevelopment goals are still intact. We will continue to aggressively pursue the purchase of industrial assets of any size and in any condition. For distressed assets, we will continue to provide the transfer of environmental liabilities with robust indemnifications and guarantees found nowhere else in the market.

If you have an industrial asset or environmental liability you would like considered by ELT, our acquisitions team is set up remotely and fully prepared to engage today. Please contact us for a confidential and no-cost value proposition.

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Online Auction: Former Fibrant Chemical Plant Liquidation
Industrial Asset Recovery Group (IARG) is planning a series of liquidation events featuring surplus machinery and equipment from the former Fibrant chemical plant and 600-acre industrial complex in Augusta, GA.

Beginning April 23, 2020 , IARG will feature Fibrant’s enormous inventory of surplus industrial trucks, mobile equipment, lab and testing equipment, electrical components, MCC banks, machine shop tools and fabrication equipment and much more. To review the first stage of inventory, please click here .

For more information, contact Stuart Millner at 314-835-2812 or smillner@industrial-recovery.com.

Industrial Trucks & Mobile Equipment

Laboratory and Testing Equipment

Fire/Personal Safety & BRM (Blast Resistant Module)

MRO - Tooling & Parts

Machinery & Equipment

Electrical Components

Field Installed Mounted Relays

Pumps and Motors

Office Furniture & Equipment
In September 2019, ELT announced the acquisition of the 600-acre complex and the transfer of environmental liabilities. Read More »
Redevelopment of industrial real estate, coal-fired power plants
by Kerry Smith, Area Development Magazine
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), coal plants with a combined total of more than 15,100 megawatts ceased operating nationwide last year — enough to power 15 million homes, and second only to the number of megawatts retired during 2015. The reasons behind these closures are many: decreasing wholesale prices, competition from comparatively cheap and plentiful alternate energy sources such as natural gas, subsidized solar and wind energy, continued compliance with federal energy regulations, and public concern over coal’s effect on climate change.

"CDC is actively targeting industrial real estate, including power plants, for purchase and redevelopment, said  John Kowalik . CDC has purchased seven retired coal-fired power plants since 2014, representing more than 3,700 megawatts of retired generation capacity. “And as energy markets continue to embrace more efficient and renewable technologies, we expect significantly more acquisitions over the next few years,” Kowalik said.

Once a power plant closes, beyond the job losses and tax revenue losses, the environmental impact from historic plant operations still needs to be resolved. That’s where CDC steps in. “Without a buyer willing to take the risk, old shuttered power plants could remain in a perpetual state of decay and deterioration,” he explains. “That’s not a good scenario for the utility or the surrounding community.”

Seeking Industrial Real Estate Assets and/or Environmental Liabilities
ELT has successfully assumed nearly $2 billion USD in corporate environmental liabilities for clients - and has never defaulted on an obligation or given a site back to the seller/PRP. Additionally, over 90% of ELT’s assumed liabilities have achieved final environmental milestones or are in the last stages of regulatory closure. This experience is critical when choosing a partner for environmental liability management.

If distressed real estate and liabilities are impacting your operations, transactions, or balance sheet, please contact us for a confidential discussion. 

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ELT's core offering includes:
  • Environmental Liability Transfers
  • Brownfield Real Estate Purchase
  • Liability Transfer + RE Purchase
  • Guaranteed Cost Certainty
  • Corporate Indemnification
  • Maximum Value for Retired Assets
  • Transfer of Regulatory Obligations
  • Transfer of Post-Closure Obligations
  • Sustainable Redevelopment Planning
  • Sale / Leaseback Options
  • Preservation of Legacy & Brand
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