Volume II, No. 11 | Post-Election Issue | November 19, 2020 (3 Kislev 5781)
Jewish Life League Letter - News and Updates
Elections Matter.
Your Pro-Life Commitment Matters More.

As we all know, six states are now in dispute since the election:  Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin.   President Trump has his legal team investigating potential voter fraud.  As of this writing, the election is still in progress. It is easy to become discouraged and give up the fight for life.   Please don’t.  We need your voices and commitment. I am remaining focused on my mission, which is to save unborn children from abortion and inform women about life-affirming alternatives. It's important to remember that the mob rule and the violence we are seeing throughout America will not win.

Stay motivated and remember that every life counts.  

For all generations born and not yet born,

Bonnie Chernin
President, JLL
"The Authentic Jewish Pro-Life Message for Everyone"
For life,

Bonnie Chernin
JLL Founder
Let's Focus on the GREAT Election News!
Tikvat Rachel Healing Program
Tikvat Rachel - This program offers a healing pathway for Jews who seek a confidential, safe, accepting, and compassionate Jewish program to address the deeply personal issues that arise after abortion.

"It does not serve the Jewish people well that a disproportionate number of us are active in pro-abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood; many such Jews do not truly know or understand the true Jewish attitudes towards the sanctity of human life. Such Jews have been known to leave Judaism altogether in dealing with the cognitive dissonance between the pro-abortion narrative and the true practical horrors of abortion."
Motherhood is
the loving option.
On the JLL website, we publish a page of caring and compassionate pro-life pregnancy centers and adoption services. If you know of any additional organizations that help women and babies, please let us know and we will add them!
Pregnancy Resource Centers Remain Open

In the midst of the COVID-19 national crisis, there are pregnancy centers that remain open. If you are pregnant and need help or know someone who is considering abortion, there are life-affirming options available. Please visit the following organization links:
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