They were a technology consulting firm. They spent time, energy, and quite a bit of training dollars on their people. To then have them recruited out so quickly befuddled them. We agreed to meet with the business owners the following week to discuss strategies and options.

This all happened pre-LinkedIn, so before the meeting, we decided to research and visit the company’s website. That is where we hit the motherload! We clicked the “about us” link, and what did we find? Information - lots of it, too much. The company listed the names of every employee, their bios, direct dial and cell phone numbers, and email addresses. They even had a lovely picture so that everyone could see the faces of all their staff members. Aha!

So what had they done? In their attempt to provide clients easy access to their employees, they gave too much information to headhunters. As a result, they swept the employees away to their competitors.

What does your website say about your company? Does it give away too much, not enough, or is it just right?

Of course, we all want an awesome environment that people won't want to leave, we just don't want to make the temptation too easy.

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