A Note from our President & General Manager //

While the second half of 2020 is proving to be just as unpredictable as the first, we are indeed persevering. Our rental team has worked tirelessly to offer critical support to our friends in East Texas and Louisiana following the devastation of recent hurricanes. Our Indoor Environmental Solutions team is focused on providing first-class clean air solutions such as photo-catalytic oxidation, bipolar ionization, and more to address our community's IAQ concerns. Our Energy Services team is implementing creative ways to benchmark facilities, optimize building environments and improve occupant health and safety.

As one of Houston's most trusted Facility Service providers, we are committed to continually improving and expanding our scope of capabilities for the betterment of the Gulf Coast and its communities. Our chief focus is to provide you with the best possible solutions for your business - solutions that serve real, long-term value.

I want to thank each of you for your continued trust and support and assure you that, as our valued partner, you are our first priority. Thank you and stay safe.


President & General Manager // Hunton Services

On August 29, 2020, the Gulf Coast was devastated by yet another powerful hurricane. Hurricane Laura made landfall as a category 4 storm with sustained winds of up to 150 mph. The city of Lake Charles was hit particularly hard. As a business operating out of Houston, TX, we understand just how terrifying the aftermath of these storms can be. Back in 2017, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, friends from our neighboring state of Louisiana were there to help us get back up again and we wanted to do the same for them.

As quickly as possible, we headed down to Lake Charles to offer support. Hunton Rental Solutions provided over 100 temporary generators to get people and their businesses back up and running quickly. Our team also handed out bottled water and ice to anyone who was in need and drove around offering help to as many people as they could.
BIPOLAR IONIZATION // Helping Texas Schools in Preparation for Returning Students
In mid-September, our Building Automation Systems (BAS) team organized the rapid installation and integration of a bipolar ionization system for a school in South Texas. With just a four day window between the system's arrival and the school's re-opening day, our team worked flexibly with the school's schedule and pulled help from other teams within Hunton Services to ensure the job was completed in time for returning students and staff.

What is Bipolar Ionization?

Integrated into HVAC systems, this technology uses specialized tubes that take oxygen molecules from the air and convert them into charged atoms that then cluster around microparticles, surrounding and deactivating harmful substances like airborne mold, bacteria, allergens, and viruses. They also attach to expelled breath droplets and dust particles that can transport viruses, enlarging them so they are more easily caught in filters. It's an active process that provides continuous disinfection.

While this method of air purification is gaining momentum now, it's been utilized and implemented for a long time. Bipolar ionization first arrived in the US in the 1970s as a tool to control pathogens in food manufacturing. It was effective during the SARS outbreak of 2004, as well as more recent outbreaks of MERS and norovirus and various strains of influenza.

Many large venues including hospitals, airport terminals, and schools have either already employed bipolar ionization systems or are planning to now that the technology has advanced to make systems cheaper and easier to install.
INDUSTRY NEWS FROM TRANE® // Indoor Air Quality Assessments
Indoor Air Quality is more important today than ever, especially as you welcome back employees, tenants and customers into your spaces.

High quality indoor air will help you achieve important goals:

  • Restore the confidence of employees, tenants and customers that they can return to facilities with more comfortable and cleaner air;
  • Support resilience against future challenges by deploying trusted solutions; and
  • Contribute to your building’s overall sustainability with targeted investments that generate results.
LEARNING IAQ // What is Photocatalytic Oxidation?

Our Genesis panels utilize state-of-the-art technology to reduce airborne particles responsible for poor air quality. Outstanding results are achieved by using an advanced process called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO). While some air cleaning applications simply filter the air and trap pollutants, PCO breaks down airborne contaminants.

What makes this solution different?

  • Proven, third-party tested in the lab and the field
  • Certifications: UL, CARB, FIFRA (EPA), and OSHPD
  • Rationalized design using ASHRAE standards for application-specific products
  • Safe - no ozone or by-products broadcasted into the occupied space, no accumulation of chemical contaminants
  • Opportunities for energy reduction
  • Value-priced, low lifecycle costs
  • 15-year expected photo-catalyst lifespan
BOILER SERVICES // It's Maintenance Time!
Have you scheduled your annual boiler maintenance yet?

We'll make sure your boiler system is running at peak performance levels in time for the cooler weather. Our in-house team of boiler experts recently completed some boiler repairs for a customer here in Houston (see photos below). Our top priority is not just unparalleled service and a commitment to safety, but leaving your facility in even better shape than we found it. Let us be your trusted partner in keeping your commercial/industrial boilers in tip-top shape.
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