Join us now as we kick off a new way to support the increasing number of One Hit Away recipients, the "Admit One Membership Program", which is OHA's first ever monthly donor initiative!

Each year in the United States approximately 3.8 million cases of sports related concussions occur. If this invisible injury has entered your own home, then you know that if affected athletes do not participate in a proper brain healing program, the ramifications can be serious.

By becoming an Admit One Member you get to step up to the plate in a pivotal and powerful way by automatically supporting OHA’s work each month.

  • This means that every month OneHitAway’s recipients are able to get the support, services and treatments that they need for their brain healing journey. The best part, other than making a difference in someone’s life, is that every cent goes directly to the recipients and you get the immediate satisfaction of knowing you are supporting an athlete in getting their life back.

  • Becoming an Admit One Member is simple & easy. Plus your membership entitles you to receive benefits that we don’t share with everyone including, updates about the nitty gritty of brain healing, some cool OHA swag and VIP invites to special events and programs.

Ready to take the next step? Click here or below to become an Admit One Member today and make a difference in the lives of those athletes affected by this "invisible injury."
One Hit Away Recipient Testimonial
Take a moment to watch this short testimonial as to how your valuable monthly contribution can help change an athlete's direction in life and confidence.
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