Have You Recently Been Experiencing A Lot Of Turmoil And Upheaval?

Don't worry. It is happening to all of us in recent days and weeks. You are part of the "Great Awakening" and it is a very good thing.

Learn what this means for you and your life below.
I'm told that this image, the Eclipse is really helping people awaken. Many say that staring into it gives them immediate and powerful downloads from their guides. Stare into it and see if it affects you as well.

Dear Friends,

Recently I've been told by many, many spiritual people as well as my guides that the great awakening has gone into high gear over the past few weeks and that far more people are becoming awakened .... or they are reaching much higher levels.

I myself thought I was awakened but now I went to a level I thought I never could where questions are instantly answered, my connection to the other side is much clearer and I am filled with a profound sense of love and compassion.

Spirit says it is happing to many of my fans. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it probably will soon.

Learn the signs below .
Here are the signs your awakening is accelerating.

1. The Past Comes Flooding Back. You are being forced to deal with past issues -- but you will finally get resolution. This is a very tumultuous process where you have to examine those things in the past that are still hurting and limiting you now. It isn't easy at all but the difference now is that it will be much easier to finally get resolution.

Past pains that have plagued you will go from being circular thoughts and emotions to something that has finally resolved. And you will heal.

2. Your Guides Wake Up. Your connection with your guides is getting clearer and stronger. You will realize they have been giving you signs your whole life, which you sometimes recognized and sometimes did not. You will begin to recognize these and they will sort of pile up until they break through. Your connection to the other side will go from a whisper to a straight line of communication. Some say it becomes something like a megaphone blasting them until they learn to filter.

3. Your Mission Becomes Clear. You will become sure of your direction. The questioning days are over. You will begin to see yourself, your path and your place in this universe as important, and as integral to the grand plan. What you do will have a great effect on what is to come and where spirit wants our society to go.

4. Your Gifts Become Stronger. Your spiritual gifts will kick into high gear. Whatever it is you have done in the past, the metaphysical talents you have, will become far stronger and focused. They will work better and make you more effective in your quest to bring light and love to your life, your family and as a result our world.
Why Now?

The awakening has been happening for some time. Even those who were awakened earlier are finding their abilities have recently gone into the stratosphere. It has just gone into high gear now.

I'm told it is because our planet and society is both in turmoil and in peril. Our environment is at the beginning of becoming less and less inhabitable. People have become angry and divided and need calm reason and love to come together so they can solve problems rather than fight. You only have to look at the news to see this is true.
Eclipse Spiritual Talisman.
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Why You? What To Do.

If you are wondering if this pertains to you, keep in mind you probably wouldn't be reading this if it didn't. You are a spiritual person, and as such you are perfect for this job.

And all you have to do is listen, meditate, be patient and let it happen. After that, you just need to spread the light in the way you will know is right.

Each of us has spiritual talents and a mission. What you need to do is just follow that, do your part of the grand plan, using the new powers you have been given.

You may think "but I am an imperfect person." Well, we all are imperfect. But right now, your ability to heal a lot of those things will be both easier and far more effective.

Things will work out for the best and highest good. It is entirely possible that tomorrow you will wake up and realize your awakening has progressed way beyond what you could imagine.

I'm so glad I could bring you this message.

Energy Artist Julia
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