October 2019

Adam M. Schaefer, M.P.H., an epidemiologist from Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute joined forces with scientists from the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) to preserve the declining African penguin. The species is classified as endangered and is declining rapidly due to a combination of threats, including being abandoned, nests destroyed, or even impacted by oil spills. Understanding and improving the rehabilitation and care of young penguins is essential to the survival of this species... Read more

Florida Atlantic University recently celebrated "FAU Day" at the Florida Capitol on Tuesday, Oct. 22. The event provides an opportunity for FAU students, faculty, administrators, and trustees to share successes, engage lawmakers, and increase awareness and understanding of the university's 2020 legislative priorities. FAU Day participants included FAU Harbor Branch Executive Director, Jim Sullivan, Ph.D., and MSO Graduate Student Stephanie Schreiber, who met with leaders in both chambers, legislators, professional staff and toured the House and Senate chambers. 📷 Photos

Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, NOAA and partners will conduct a telepresence-enabled ocean exploration expedition from  NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer to collect critical baseline information about unknown and poorly understood deepwater areas off the Southeastern U.S. continental margin.
FAU Harbor Branch deep coral researcher Stephanie Farrington member of the Cooperative Institute of Ocean Research, Exploration and Technology (CIOERT) will be serving as the shipboard Biology Science Lead for the duration of the 3-week remotely operated vehicle (ROV) cruise leg.
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The Indian River Lagoon Symposium 2020 "Reassessing IRL Biodiversity" will be held on February 13-14. Reminder: The deadline for presenters to submit and abstract and register is October 31. Oral presentations and posters on all aspects of science relating to the IRL are encouraged. For more information and to register, visit  here. Please note, registration is required to attend.
In the News
New advancements take aim at fight against toxic algae...

A local team of researchers rolls up their sleeves to roll out new technology that may change the way scientists go after toxic blue-green algae across South Florida. Scientists with FAU Harbor Branch are coming up with a new 3D holographic...

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Do You See What I See

FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute post-doctoral fellow Derya Akkaynak, Ph.D., was recently featured a Hakai Magazine article titled, "Do You See What I See." The video highlights her underwater expedition to Indonesia to study the octopus by using a one-of-kind still camera with hyperspectral imaging capabilities. Learn more about Derya Akkaynak's research here.

Researchers from  Florida Atlantic University’s  Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute are featured in the New York Times upfront magazine for kids. Learn how our researchers are working with the U.S. Government to enlist the help of aquatic creatures to alert us to danger.  
Faculty Spotlight
FAU's Newest Member of the National Academy of Inventors

Megan Davis, Ph.D., a research professor at FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute was recently inducted into the FAU Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors. The chapter, one of more than 50 university chapters across the country, was established to recognize inventors for their accomplishments in research and commercialization, and to enhance the visibility of scientific innovation at FAU. The four were publicly recognized by Vice President of Research Daniel Flynn, Ph. D., on Sept. 26, at the 2019 Research Showcase at FAU Tech Runway. Each inductee received an NAI member pin and certificate, presented by Dana Vouglitois, assistant director of the Office of Technology Development.

Tim Moore, Ph.D., is a research professor at Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Dr. Moore specializes in using ocean color remote sensing technology to study the ecology of phytoplankton and the environment. Since 1991, Dr. Moore has researched ocean, coastal, and freshwater systems across the globe. His work incorporates optical modeling, remote sensing imagery, laboratory experiment, fieldwork, and computer programming. Dr. Moore's work aims to further understand the temporal and spatial trends of the dynamics of plankton communities and water quality... Read more
Mission: Ocean Discovery
FAU Harbor Branch hosted a group of graduate students from the University of South Florida and University of Florida. The students are participating in a unique three-week course on Marine Fisheries under the guidance of Florida Institute of Oceanography.
FAU Harbor Branch Ocean Discovery Experience
The FAU Harbor Branch Outreach Scientists spent the last few weeks teaching children part of the Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County about the current research and discovery underwaythrough our Ocean Discovery Experience. The students learned about how our engineers are developing technology to generate clean energy from the ocean. They even spent some time on the IRL to see the plants and animals they learned about during the Ocean Discovery Experience!

The FAU Harbor Branch Outreach and Mammal Rescue Teams recently participated in the 2019 Indian River Lagoon Science Festival. FAU Harbor Branch was a proud sponsor of the IRL Festival. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!
About Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute: 
Founded in 1971, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University is a research community of marine scientists, engineers, educators and other professionals focused on Ocean Science for a Better World. The institute drives innovation in ocean engineering, at-sea operations, drug discovery and biotechnology from the oceans, coastal ecology and conservation, marine mammal research and conservation, aquaculture, ocean observing systems and marine education.