Week of January 21, 2019
The primary purpose of an annual incentive or bonus plan is to drive and reward behaviors that have an impact on the operating success of the company. 
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The Front Desk Clerk Still Matters
Over the years, the development of technology has changed the role of the front desk in a hotel. 
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Hotels Use Revenue Management to Boost Off-Season
The off-season isn’t a hotelier’s favorite time of year. Rooms can sit empty, restaurants are quiet and the cash flow isn't as robust.
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When Does the Guest Experience Start?
Think back to your last trip and the happiness, excitement and anticipation that you felt about it…Now think about when those happy feelings started.
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We Must Stop Saying People Are Our Most Important Assets (And Actually Believe It to Be True)
If we believe that our staff or our most important asset, why do we always only account for them as a cost? In simple accounting terms, assets are on the plus side of the balance sheet, but staff are always shown as an operational costs.
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U.S. Hotels Post Record Year In 2018
The U.S. hotel industry registered record-breaking performance during 2018, according to data from STR.
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Want Health Professionals to Reduce Medical Errors? Patient Safety Movement Releases New Curriculum
Two decades ago, the Institute of Medicine shook the medical profession with its "To Err is Human" report which said nearly 100,000 people a year lost their lives to preventable medical errors.
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SOARing Helps Elders Remain Safely at Home
Each year, close to 2 million patients over 65 are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge. While these readmissions result from a variety of issues, a lack of care coordination from hospital to home seems to be the most common cause.
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Rising Insulin Prices Drive Higher Diabetes Care Spending
Type 1 diabetes has become a more costly disease to manage, thanks in large part to insulin costs nearly doubling over five years.
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MedPAC Recommends Overhaul to Medicare's Hospital Quality Programs
The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission on Thursday voted to approve a recommendation that Congress and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services overhaul quality and value programs for hospitals.
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Achieving Diversity and Culture Fit Possible Through Expert Recruiting
Most employers are eager to tout the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and they also want to create a workplace where people are comfortable with the organization’s values and feel like they fit in with their coworkers. 
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Why Companies' Attempts to Close the Gender Pay Gap Often Fail
Gender pay equity has become a big point of contention at many companies. Not only have politicians and other public figures spoken out against the gender pay gap, but there has also been a rising tide of high profile lawsuits targeting major employers…
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Can You Prohibit Employees From Discussing and Comparing Their Salaries?
Most people have been through it at some point or another in their workplace. Word gets out that someone is getting paid more than other people doing the same job.
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Kansas City Chiefs' Superstar Doesn't Catch a Pass on His Bad Behavior
Employers should take a page out of the Kansas City Chiefs’ playbook regarding how to handle employee misconduct, particularly with respect to a high-value or high-profile employee. 
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