School Services of Montana Co-op Food Program
Thursday, August 13, 2020

Thank you for participating in the School Services of Montana Fall 2020 order. This email contains links to the Delivery 1 schedule, dates for the entire Fall 2020 delivery schedule, and all of the product issues that I have received updates for since the last email.
Hats off to Tammie and Carmen for sending their delivery schedules a week and a half BEFORE Delivery 1 begins! If there is a conflict with your delivery time please contact your US Foods bid rep immediately. Keep in mind that your delivery times are approximate, and your subsequent deliveries (2, 3, & 4) will arrive approximately 30 days apart, and a few of you will receive your dry goods orders separately from your frozen / chill orders.

  • Delivery 1 Schedule (XLS) - Billings & Spokane on separate tabs in the spreadsheet
  • US Foods - Billings Contact
  • Tammie Claassen,, 406-238-7854
  • US Foods - Spokane Contact
  • Carmen Steele,, 509-483-7746
US Foods continues to work hard to switch over their private label brands from FSA to US Foods. Please note that if the order worksheet or your Marketplace order lists FSA and you now see US Foods in the database, it is still the same product. Typically shorted product will be made up in your next available delivery.

ITEM 627: Bulk Plain Yogurt
Due to production issues, districts may not receive their Delivery 1 orders for this item.

ITEM 443: Orange / Key Lime Yogurt cups
This combo was discontinued. The replacement is orange / mango, same manufacturer and price.

ITEMS 320, 321: Smucker's Uncrustables (PB/grape & PB/strawberry)
Due to production issues districts will not receive their Delivery 1 orders. It's not looking good for D2, D3, & D4, either.

ITEM 650: Apple Cinnamon Buddy Fruits
Billings rejected the order sent recently because the product would've been out of date by the time of delivery. There is a good chance districts who receive deliveries from Billings will not receive their D1 orders.

ITEM 166: Turkey Sausage Pancake Wraps
Jimmy Dean discontinued this product (case pack size 60 / 2.51 oz @ $18.35). We found an alternate, Foster Farms 95121, case pack size 56 / 2.85 oz @ $21.67.

ITEM 148: Pork Dipper (100) 3.1 oz servings (3 pcs) per case @ $55.34 / case
AdvancePierre discontinued this product. Since they also make item 147 - BBQ flavor pork patty (and orders for 147 are double the orders for 148) this will be the replacement product for 148. Please note item 147's case pack size is (100) 2.5 oz servings (1 pc) per case @ $31.75/case.

ITEMS 540 - clear bun pan cover for sheet pan: this item is not available for Fall 2020 deliveries

ITEM 645 - freezer weight zip seal bags: this item is not available for Fall 2020 deliveries

ITEMS 640, 641, 642 - NITRILE GLOVES
As if the price increase wasn't enough, supply issues will result in zero product for Delivery 1.

In addition to the price increase, supply issues may short many orders.
The 2020-21 Nutrition Database is nearly complete & available NOW (click the blue link). I have received about 99% of the MIA nutrition labels/spec sheets, and I will be spending today and tomorrow morning adding them to their respective database folders.
Thank you for all the positive feedback and (LOL!) not "killing the messenger" about the unexpected product outs / shorts / alternates / general unpleasantness. US Foods and I will continue to do our best to notify you prior to your deliveries so you can make the appropriate shifts in your menus. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Brekke : )

Jennifer Brekke
Co-op Food Program Manager
(406) 255-7174 New Office VOIP #
(406) 580-7547 cell (best way to reach me)
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