School Services of Montana Co-op Food Program
Monday, September 14, 2020

Thank you for participating in the School Services of Montana (SSoM) Fall 2020 order. This email contains links to the Delivery 2 schedule, general Fall 2020 delivery dates, updated product issues that I have been notified about since the last email, a teaser about the Fall Advisory Committee Meetings, & links to School Nutrition memos from OPI.
Once again, Tammie and Carmen are looking out for all participating districts by providing delivery schedules a week prior to the beginning of Delivery 2. If there is a conflict with your delivery time please contact your US Foods bid rep immediately. Remember - your delivery times are approximate, your subsequent D3 & D4 deliveries (if applicable) will arrive approximately 30 days apart, and a few of you will receive your dry goods orders separately from your frozen / chill orders (listed on the attached schedule).

  • Delivery 2 Schedule (spreadsheet) - Spokane & Billings are on separate tabs in the spreadsheet
  • US Foods - Billings Contact
  • Tammie Claassen,, 406-238-7854
  • US Foods - Spokane Contact
  • Carmen Steele,, 509-483-7746

Remember, I don't make the news. I just report it. *wink* Please contact your bid rep if you have any questions about your delivery or issues with product received / shorted.
US Foods continues to work hard to switch over their private label brands from FSA to US Foods. Please note that if the order worksheet or your Marketplace order lists FSA and you now see US Foods in the database, it is still the same product. Typically shorted product will be made up in your next available delivery unless otherwise noted.

ITEM 453: Mozzarella Filled Breadsticks
Due to supply issues, districts will not receive D2 orders; this may be made up in D3.

ITEM 539: Apple Filled Breadsticks
Due to supply issues, districts will not receive D2 orders; this should be made up in D3.

ITEM 398: Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheat Bowl Packs
Per a letter from Kellogg's, this product was discontinued. There is no replacement.

ITEM 627: Bulk Plain Yogurt
Upstate Farms discontinued this product. We are working on finding a suitable replacement. Delivery 2 orders may be affected.

ITEMS 320, 321: Smucker's Uncrustables (PB/grape & PB/strawberry)
Supply issues mean many districts will not receive their Delivery 2 orders. We expect this to continue throughout Fall 2020.

ITEM 281 - storage weight zip seal bags sandwich size: this item will not ship for Delivery 2
ITEM 283 - storage weight zip seal bags 1 gallon size: this item will not ship for Delivery 2
ITEM 405 - freezer weight zip seal bags 2 gallon size: this item will not ship for Delivery 2
ITEM 540 - clear bun pan cover for sheet pan: this item is not available for Fall 2020 deliveries
ITEM 645 - freezer weight zip seal bags: this item is not available for Fall 2020 deliveries

ITEMS 640, 641, 642 - NITRILE GLOVES: Price increases & shortages continue to plague gloves
ITEMS 280, 551 - VINYL GLOVES: Price increases & shortages continue to plague gloves
The 2020-21 Nutrition Database is NOW AVAILABLE! Click the blue link for quick access to this database sorted alphabetically by category (each one in its own folder) and then by item # within each category folder.
I am currently planning our Fall Co-op Advisory Committee Meetings to coincide with the statewide MEA Days - PIR days for ALL MONTANA SCHOOLS, which fall on Thurs/Fri, October 15 & 16, 2020. Schools are not in session on those days, so you won't have to worry about finding a sub to cover your job. This year's advisory committee meetings will be virtual (of course), and will be available to any district who placed a Fall 2020 order. DETAILS & REGISTRATION COMING SOON : )

Our name change is FINALLY COMPLETE! At the beginning of the 20-21 SY, we downsized into a new office location with a new phone system. Now that the change is official, you can notify your business office of the change for their records to School Services of Montana (for those of you using Southwest Montana School Services). Our tax ID has not changed, and an updated W-9 form is available upon request.

This change was also expressed in a letter sent with your Fall 2020 Admin Fee Invoices. That mail should reach your district tomorrow or Wednesday of this week at the latest. I will also email an electronic copy of those invoices to your business office (unless you've given me different instructions) on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Invoices are net 45 and due no later than Friday, Oct. 30th. Late payments will affect your ability to place your Spring 2021 order.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Spring 2021 order window opens Monday, Nov. 2, 2020 and runs through the entire month of November. I don't have a close date yet. I haven't gotten that far...
The Montana Office of Public Instruction regularly posts memos that are school nutrition program related on their website. The OPI Email Communications page lists ALL of their emails by the most recent date first, so you may need to scroll through a few to get to what you're looking for.

If you aren't receiving these communications already, they can be subscribed to by clicking on the email link from the OPI website and entering your preferred email in the Receive Updates box at the top right of the page. I have been linking them in the (SSoM) weekly newsletter; for quick access click the dates here:

  • School Nutrition Announcements Sept. 11, 2020; Sept. 2, 2020; Aug. 31, 2020
  • Questions at the state level? Contact Pam Fruh, OPI School Nutrition Programs Food Distribution Program Manager | 406-444-4412 |
Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the unexpected product outs / shorts / alternates / general unpleasantness. US Foods and I will continue to do our best to notify you prior to your deliveries so you can make the appropriate shifts in your menus. I appreciate your willingness to "roll with it" and be flexible during these unprecidented times.

Best regards,
Jennifer Brekke : )

Jennifer Brekke
Co-op Food Program Manager
(406) 255-7174 New Office VOIP #
(406) 580-7547 cell Best way to reach me
PS - be sure to leave me a voicemail if you call & I'll call you back shortly : )
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