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Fall Update
Fall cover sneak peak.
Pick up a copy by mid-September.
Cooking with the Communities
We are your local edible.
Did you know that edible South Shore & South Coast is one of more than 80 magazines across North American building community 
one dish, one recipe, one story at a time.
Move over gazpacho, there's a new chilled soup in town. Apples make this seasonal soup just slightly sweet and perfect for balmy nights. 

Greens on the grill? Absolutely! Baby bok choy holds up surprisingly well over heat and pairs perfectly with this miso vinaigrette.  
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our local community. We are the only magazine in SE MA dedicated to
celebrating locally produced food and drink.

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Keeping Tabs

  • While industrial farms have been thrown into chaos, local agriculture has proved to be a more resilient model. Read complete article here.

  • Yes, the Hanover mall is gone, but so is this nearby landmark restaurant. Read article here.

  • Struggling to make ends meet? Find dozens of South Coast food resources here.
Hope you stay cool as cucumber this week. See you next Tuesday.
~ Laurie
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