The Student Ministry has had an incredible summer, and we are so thankful for the fantastic support of our congregation! Each week has been filled with adventure, praising God, serving others, and genuine fellowship. The schedule tends to be all over the place, so I am ever so thankful for the hard work of our extremely talented Assistant Youth Director, Melissa Johnson, and our 2022 Summer Intern, Adam Klugh. We also have the best volunteer team in the world that has poured into the students all summer long!
Some highlights have been seen on Wednesday nights at our Destination Bible Studies, where leaders have given devotionals based on popular worship songs. We had a great week serving the people of Tuskegee, Alabama, on our High School Mission Trip with Alabama Rural Ministry. Our Summer camp ROCKed this year! Trinity had over 55 people at camp to learn that God is our Rock and salvation. We took our Middle Schoolers on a wild trip to Alabama and our graduated seniors to Disney World!
We are getting ready for a huge fall semester in student ministry, and we can't wait to see what God has in store for our students!

Thank you for being so supportive!
Matt Hull