Child Protection Unit
In February, CPU Vice President, Carmen S. Peña, CPU Director, Fadrique Iglesias, and CPU Project Director of the USDOL-funded project  Palma Futuro , Eduardo Bejarano, traveled to New York to participate in Social Accountability International’s (SAI) SA8000 Introduction and Basic Auditor Training Course. This opportunity allowed the CPU to deepen their understanding of social compliance in supply chains and get an in-depth look at SAI – Partners’ sub-awardee and implementing partner for  Palma Futuro  – and their work improving global labor conditions. The team learned more about SAI’s methodologies and certifications and explored the best ways to implement these resources into the  Palma Futuro  project. During the five-day training, they worked alongside social auditors, experts in labor issues, and other professionals working in supply chains.
Economic Development and Health Unit
EDH’s AVOP program finalized three $613,000 sub-awards with the winners of the second small grants competition. Over the next three years, EDH will help the University of Tennessee, Purdue University, and Browse and Grass Growers Cooperative implement Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) programs in Cambodia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Burkina Faso, respectively. Additionally, in February, EDH’s F2F Caribbean Basin and Burma Program sent 14 volunteers to work with smallholder farmers and agribusinesses in Jamaica, Guyana, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Burma.

Membership Unit
On February 12, the Membership Unit launched the new “look” of PartnersConnect – a membership platform that is more engaging and easier to navigate and network with peers across the hemisphere. With PartnersConnect, members can join and interact with their local Chapters, publish and share information with their connections, update their profiles to increase their visibility, and engage more with Partners of the Americas!

Education and Global Citizenship Unit
The U.S. Alumni Network and Capacity Building Program and the U.S. Department of State kicked off the fifth Career Connections seminar in Austin, Texas from January 29-30. Representing 13 U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs, 90 exchange alumni joined the seminar to learn how to leverage their unique skills gained during their programs to take the next step in their career paths. Next month, the program will launch the spring 2020 Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund  (CDAF) small grants competition, which seeks to fund service projects led by teams of U.S. exchange alumni.
Learn How to Create or Join a PartnersCampus Student Chapter!
Learn about the benefits of joining and forming a PartnersCampus Student Chapter and transitioning from a PartnersCampus Chapter to a Traditional Chapter from Partners Goiás, Brazil Member Vander Finotti.
Striving for Gender Equality in STEM on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Since 1964, Partners of the Americas has championed equal educational opportunities for all. In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we highlighted the importance of supporting women and girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).   According to the United Nations, only  35% of students  enrolled in STEM-related fields of study are women and only 30% of researchers internationally are women. Partners aims to bolster opportunities for girls and young women studying STEM through our 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund.

Farmer-to-Farmer Helps Grow Coffee and Opportunities for Women in Guatemala
The specialty coffee business  Chica Bean  provides Guatemalan women opportunities to succeed at every stage of their coffee making and selling process. While Chica Bean had experienced success in Guatemala, it had not yet developed a marketing strategy to access different markets.  F2F  Volunteer Karen Rasmussen met with the Chica Bean team in 2019 to develop an action plan to reach their two objectives: working with coffee shops that want to buy high-end coffee and being a green bean coffee distributor for small- to medium-sized roasting operations that cannot import smaller quantities of this specialty coffee.  
CDAF Works with the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations to Help Hearing-Impaired Students
In February, grantees of Partners’ CDAF program are collaborating with the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations to increase educational opportunities for deaf students in several schools across Ghana. The project, called “Expanding Access to Education for the Deaf in Ghana,” is led by a team of two hearing-impaired Ghanaians and two U.S. scholars who specialize in inclusive education. CDAF is a small grants program targeting teams of U.S. citizen alumni of U.S. government-sponsored international exchange programs to carry out public service projects using the skills and knowledge gained during their exchange experiences. 

For One Uruguayan Teacher Visiting Minnesota, It's Just Like Home, One Hemisphere Away
For four weeks, English teacher Claudio Javier Cajes Terra traded his home city of Montevideo, Uruguay for the subzero temperatures of Montevideo, Minnesota as a teacher-in-resident as a part of Partners’ Education and Culture program . The USDOS-funded program connects educators from Uruguay and other countries and the U.S. through immersive exchange trips for them to collaborate and compare teaching methodologies, education systems, and cultures. Cajes said he sought out this opportunity to experience U.S. culture and improve his language skills. “Culture and language are strongly linked. It’s difficult to teach one without the other. You need to experience it,” Cajes said.
Check Out Our Strategic Plan Videos!
Partners of the Americas is energized for the future! In the span of over a year, Partners completed an organizational strategic plan to continue building on its foundational principle of the power of partnerships. As part of the 2019-2023 Strategic Planning initiative, Partners has captured its vision in short, informational videos that highlight the organization's vision, mission, values, and strategy as it moves into the new decade.
Open Job Opportunities
Partners of the Americas is hiring! We are currently seeking a Membership Officer, a F2F Colombia Financial & Administrative Assistant, and a F2F Colombia Field Officer to join our growing team. Positions will remain open until filled.

Open Internship Opportunities
Partners of the Americas is looking for interns! We are currently seeking a President's Office Intern, 2020 IT Intern, Communications Summer Intern, EDH Intern, CPU Summer Intern, EGC Intern, Youth Engagement Intern, Program Development Intern, Finance and Accounting Intern, and a Business Management Intern to join our team.