Happy March (almost April!) This is the first newsletter to go out. I have been working on it since January, and wanting to get it *just right* - can you relate? :) 

It's not perfect, but it's ready. 

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps, I know I am! 


Daly News!

March 2023

March is Women's History Month

During Women's History Month, I have invited several women who have been formative in my life to share about their journey and callings. I am sharing their responses on my website blog.

You can read the posts here:

As you learn about these women, I hope you are

inspired and challenged.

Is using "Should" ever helpful?

Should, it's a short, 1 syllable, 6-letter word. But what power does it hold, if any? I had a counseling supervisor who first introduced me to the phrase, "stop shoulding on yourself!" At first it gave me a good chuckle, then it had me questioning using the word nearly every time I said or thought it.

  • "I should have said..."
  • "I shouldn't have said..."
  • "I should go for a run." (I've never said or thought this)
  • "I should eat less Doritos."

I started to check in with how I felt using the word. Was I motivated? Guilted? I decided I didn't like how I felt using, 'should.' So I brainstormed a word I could use instead; might, could, and I tried replacing should. And it felt better, it felt more gentle on myself.

  • "I might have said..."
  • "I might not have said..."
  • "I could eat less Doritos."

How about you? Do you 'should' on yourself? Do you ever find it helpful? If yes, keep using what works! If not, what word might you find useful instead?

A Personal Note

This photo is from 2014. It reminds me that Daly Counseling & Consulting PLLC was a dream long before it became reality. I had years of wondering, waiting, weariness.

Then, pieces began to come together to open. It felt surreal, and also right. Many of my spaces of concern/worry I had grown in, through experience and training. Looking back, I saw how each step prepared me for the day I opened DCC. Don't get me wrong, it was not completely smooth sailing once DCC opened. I had a grand opening 3/1/2020, and never saw a single client in the office (Covid.) But I was able to navigate the waters with great supports around me and my previous trainings/experiences.

Do you have a dream that has been percolating? Are you feeling weary that it hasn't come to fruition? What can you do while you wait? How can you best prepare for fruition?


Stacking your Way to a Stronger Marriage

When the new year rolls around, you probably hear a lot about resolutions and goals - whether you're setting them or not. The thing about both of them is they tend to be a bit abstract. While it's great to be ambitious, resolutions and goals that are too broad, vague, or unrealistic can actually have the opposite effect that you intended. You end up feeling unmotivated – like you’ve failed before you’ve even begun. At that point, why even try at all?

Of course, the key to avoiding this letdown is to a) adjust your goals and resolutions to be reasonable and specific, and b) break them down into smaller, achievable chunks. These smaller chunks might come in the form of “micro” goals leading up to a bigger achievement. Or you might think of them in terms of developing new habits that support your resolution or goal.

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