The Track & Field season is wrapping up and you either did well or you didn't do as well as you'd hoped.

If you have hurdlers on your team, chances are they could have had a better season!...”.

How do I know?

Because I've been to thousands-and-thousands of track meets.

I see 3 or 4 hurdlers in a race,
Sometimes the boys don't have any entries at all! smh.

But the truth is, that the HURDLES are the EASIEST event to stand out in!

#1 - there is simply no competition (example above)
#2 - 99% of athletes are simply too scared of the hurdles

And so really there is only 1 challenge.

How do you remove the fear of the hurdles??


Through repetition they will develop confidence,
and through confidence the hurdles will disappear.

But really you need a plan for success.

That is why I, Hector Cotto (2x Olympic 110m hurdler) wrote a complete eBook to guide you and your hurdlers to success!
1. Cycle Drills
2. Jammed Hurdling
3. Over-Speed Hurdling
4. Hurdle Endurance

That is the exact strategy I teach you in Volume 1: Hurdle Rhythm, and thousands of coaches can attest to it's effectiveness!

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Thank you and good luck this championship season and off-season!

-Coach Cotto