November 6, 2020
Our worlds may have changed significantly in the past eight months, but the show will go on! In DPAC's first foray into pre-recorded live theater, you'll see four proposals, three rejections, two marriages and one scandal as the witty Elizabeth Bennet guides us through the snares and delights of Regency-era English society.

In this adaptation of Jane Austen’s popular book, Elizabeth and her sisters must deal with society’s (and their mother’s) expectations for them while discerning the true intentions of the men in their lives, despite the pride and prejudices we all carry.

Through Zoom and film, our students have been rehearsing, performing, and learning new skills at a breakneck pace in order to bring you a high-quality theater experience, despite our limitations due to COVID-19.

The performance will be securely streamed November 13 at 7 p.m., November 14 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., and November 15 at 2:00 p.m. For only $5.00 per person, audience members may reserve a link unique passcode online at
As we enter holiday season, keeping our schools open each day requires everyone's help.
Here are a few ways you can help at home to keep our students in school:

  1. Use the DASD Daily Symptom Screening Tool with each of your school-aged children before sending them to school each day, and if your child is displaying symptoms - please keep them home - and contact your school nurse.
  2. If your child displays symptoms and your health care provider recommends a COVID-19 test, please contact the nurse in your child's building.
  3. If students or family members have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please keep everyone home and immediately reach out to the nurse in your child’s building.
  4. As you consider your usual traditions and activities, please keep in mind the critical role you play in preventing the need to quarantine from the school setting. Limiting group sizes, holding outdoor celebrations, wearing face coverings, and maintaining a social distance are several of the ways they are suggesting that communities can mitigate the risks of positive cases in our area and limit the subsequent effect that can have on school attendance.

Overall, our students have done an outstanding job with social distancing, wearing face coverings and hand washing. However, we all must do our part to be extra vigilant while the COVID-19 virus remains a factor.
Did you know the first class of seniors graduated from Dallastown High School 1898.

This same year, the elements krypton, xeon, and neon were discovered, the telegraphone was invented, and Marie Curry discovered radium.

The City of Greater New York was created and divided into its five boroughs of Staten Island, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

The Spanish American War began and ended.

Pepsi-Cola was named.
Currently Dallastown Area School District has nine active cases within the District. This does not include the previous cases of which the individuals have recovered from COVID-19 and have returned to our buildings.

The District continues to work in collaboration with the PA Department of Health to conduct contact tracing investigations. As a result of these investigations, the District will notify those individuals who are considered close contacts and advise them to self-quarantine, accordingly.
Dallastown Area High School
Positive Cases: 4
Dallastown Area Middle School
Positive Cases: 2
Dallastown Area Intermediate School
Positive Cases: 1
Dallastown Elementary
Positive Cases: 0
Leaders Heights Elementary
Positive Cases: 0
Loganville-Springfield Elementary
Positive Cases: 0
Ore Valley Elementary
Positive Cases: 0
York Township Elementary
Positive Cases: 0
Wildcat Compass Academy
Positive Cases: 1
Multiple Buildings
Positive Cases: 1
To allow guardians to quickly conduct daily health screenings, Health Services has developed a Daily Student Screening Tool to assist with symptom screenings and recommendations surrounding students returning to school.

If your student display's symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your primary health care provider and your student's school nurse.
  • November 7: SAT Testing
  • November 9: Special Board Meeting (Region 1 Vacancy Interviews)
  • November 12: School Board Committee Meetings
  • Building and Capital Projects Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Human Resource Committee (Closed to Public)
  • November 13 - 15: HS Fall Play (Virtual)