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Service Times

Prayer at 8:30am

Morning Worship at 9:30 & 11:00am

Sunday School at 9:30 & 11:00am


Love God...Love Others

Adult Bible Study Options

Young Adults' Small Group - Jeff and Jenna McCummings, address: 5216 Dale Rd.

Contact Jenna at 989-615-8591 for more information.


9:30am - Sunday School Class - Paul Mikulcik 

11:00am - Sunday School Class - Richard Noll 

11:00am - Sunday School Class - Candy Johnson

11:00am - High School SS - Tom Johnson


10:00am - Ladies' Bible Study - Karen Wells - Now meeting every week.

6:30pm - Men's Bible Study - Richard Noll


10:00am - Men's Bible Study - Pastor Hodge

6:30pm - Ladies' Bible Study - Allison Grice

Sunday School options for Kids
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Sunday School and Small Groups

We have a number of Sunday School classes and small groups for you to join.

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September 24 Alabaster Offering

September 27 See You at the Pole (Youth)

October 1 All Hands on Deck

October 21 Food Distribution

October 29 Hallelujah Party

November 5 Daylight Saving Time Ends

November 21 Food Distribution

November 26 Legacy Sunday

December 16 Food Distribution

December 17 Christmas Program at BAC

Sermon Notes



One of the consistent promises throughout Scripture is that God is the ultimate source of true wisdom. This heavenly wisdom provides insight, knowledge, and understanding to different parts of our life. There is no better place to look for wisdom than the book of Proverbs. In this 4-week series, you will learn more about what Proverbs has to say about gaining and implementing wisdom in key areas of your life.

Volunteers of the week

Volunteers of the week.

We are thrilled to announce that Steve and Kellie Sherlock have been selected as our Volunteers of the Week! Steve and Kellie have demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication and commitment to our community. They have organized the annual youth boating trip, which was a huge success and brought joy to many young members of our congregation. Steve is also a talented singer and a valuable member of our worship team, and we are grateful for his contributions to our services. Kellie has also been instrumental in our Easter Service, where she helped to organize and put together the Photo Booth, which was a hit with our members. We are truly fortunate to have such wonderful volunteers in our community, and we thank Steve and Kellie for their service and commitment. Congratulations to Steve and Kellie on being named our Volunteers of the Week!

The 11:00am Sunday Service will be broadcasted live and archived on our church Facebook Page.

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Our church is not a cruise ship, but a battleship. As we approach the fall and winter seasons, we need all hands on deck to prepare for our outreach initiatives. We are excited to invite you to join us in these efforts.

Our goal is to reach out to our community, to show them the love of Christ and to share the good news of the gospel. We have several initiatives planned, including community service projects, special events, and outreach programs.

We believe that this is an important time for us to come together as a church and to work towards our mission of spreading the gospel. We encourage you to get involved and to help us make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Please mark your calendars for October 1st, when we will be holding a special meeting to discuss our plans for the upcoming season. We look forward to seeing you there.


Sunday School Drive

We are excited to announce our Fall Sunday School Drive, which will run from September 10 through October 29. This year, our theme is "Be a Star Sunday School Student." We encourage all children, youth and adults to participate and shine brightly in their Sunday School classes. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to deepen their faith, learn biblical teachings, and build a strong foundation for their spiritual growth. Join us as we embark on this journey together and become the stars of our Sunday School program.

Ministry Opportunity

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Spread God's love to those in need by joining our food distribution team from 9:00am-Noon at the Gladwin Christ the King Lutheran Church on 600 S. M-18.


Communion will be served

the first or second

Sunday of each month.

The elements are prepackaged with both wafer and juice in a single two-part container.

Communion participants peel back the top seal to remove the communion wafer then remove the second seal to open the juice. 




The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world. While we understand the church consists of the people of God and not a building, buildings erected for the purpose of ministry help provide a sense of permanence, functionally enhance ministry efforts, and convey an attitude that the Church of the Nazarene intends to "put down roots." 

Beaverton Nazarene has an active Senior Adult Ministry.

Our senior adults are essential to many ministries within our church and an important part of our church body. The purpose of this ministry is to promote spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth through a variety of wholesome activities that will stimulate seasoned adults and ensure they feel esteemed and included.


Beaverton Nazarene

Prayer Chain

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Bulletin Contact - If you would like something added to the bulletin, please contact Pastor Hodge.

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We will be collecting candy from September 11 through October 22 for the Hallelujah Party.  We can only accept individually wrapped store bought candy.  Please place your candy in the designated tub in the foyer.  


Children's Church - Beaverton Nazarene

The Bible Adventure curriculum helps preschoolers get to know Jesus in the context of small group relationships. Each hour-long experience includes simple in-room illustrations, a video-teaching-based Bible Adventure for small groups to go on together, and an in-room review time that inspires wonder.

Children's Church
Toddler's Church
Youth Logo.jpg

Students that are currently in grades 7th-12th are invited to join every Sunday night from 5:00-6:30pm for a time of games, fellowship and growing closer to God.

September Series: GOAT- Greatest of All Time

September 27, 2023 Beaverton Jr/Sr High 7:45am

See You At The Pole

We invite all students to participate in See You At The Pole, a time of prayer that takes place on the fourth Wednesday of September. This student-led initiative involves gathering at your school's flagpole before classes begin to lift up your friends, families, teachers, school, and nation to God. It's a powerful way to come together as a community and seek God's guidance for the upcoming school year. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference and show your faith!

Youth Newsletter
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Volunteer Opportunity

The Gladwin County Council on Aging is seeking volunteers to help seniors in the community. Specifically, we are in need of friendly drivers who can transport seniors to their doctor appointments and grocery store trips. Mileage reimbursement is available for volunteers who help in this capacity. If you are interested in giving back to your community and helping seniors in need, please consider becoming a volunteer driver for the Gladwin County Council on Aging.

Helping Hands Website

Volunteer Opportunity

The Helping Hands Mission, located at 116 W Brown St, Downtown Beaverton, is in need of volunteers to work in the thrift shop and warehouse. We are seeking individuals who have some free time and are willing to lend a helping hand. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Becky Cook at 989-424-1413 for more information. Your time and effort will make a huge difference in the lives of those we serve.

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