So you've registered for the Spring Soccer season, and now you're wondering: 


What team am I on?
Coaches will not receive their rosters until mid February. You should get some sort of communication from your coach (via email most likely) sometime during the week of February 17th (exceptions do apply if we are still looking for coaches for a particular age group)

Speaking of COACHES...
We need more volunteer coaches!! There are many perks to being a head coach... the most important is that by volunteering you give an opportunity for a child to experience the joys and lessons learned from participating in youth team sports. Here's a few other reasons:
  • A $30 discount/credit towards registration fees for each team coached!
  • FREE Coaches Clinic and Curriculum (practice plans included)
  • Head Coaches get to select his/her practice preferences
  • CLICK HERE for a quick video on how to volunteer!

What about uniforms?  
If you did not purchase the new kit this past Fall (it's the one with the "Subaru of Gwinnett" logo on it), then you are required to purchase a uniform. Look for an email from our online uniform provider,  SOCCER.COM  with instructions. Haven't received an email? Email  and we'll lend you hand! NOTE: 4U Soccer Sprouts do not require a uniform; a special shirt and soccer ball will be provided at the first session in March.

All players must have the following 2 pieces of equipment which, again, can be purchased from an online vendor or a local sporting goods store: 1) Soccer cleats (molded rubber studs - no metal studs, and 2) Shinguards. Click on the images below for some options from our friends at

Pro Tips:
  1. Do NOT spend a fortune on cleats or shinguards. There are so many to choose from, and they all do the same job. And let's be honest - kids between the ages of 3-15 are going to grow out of them as quick as they do any other pair of shoes.
  2. Shinguards come with either ankle guards or no ankle guards. Most kids would probably prefer the shinguards without ankle guards (they get in the way and really don't help all that much anyways).
  3. Invest in an extra pair of soccer socks for practices. If your child is 3-5 we recommend socks like these (CLICK HERE) because they fit the little ones better.
  4. 4U Soccer Sprouts must purchase shinguards and soccer socks. A shirt and ball will be provided at your first session, so don't buy a ball unless you want to practice at home before we start!
  5. A soccer ball! 5U-19U players should all have their own soccer ball. Again, don't break the bank! Not sure what size you need? See below!
  • Players born in 2015-2012 need a Size 3
  • Players born in 2011-2007 need a Size 4
  • Players born in 2006-2001 need a Size 5

Pick up some cold weather gear!
It's our recommendation that players invest in some "tight fitting" non-cotton base layer options that can be worn under normal practice attire. You can pick some up locally from Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, etc. or order from . We recommend choosing red and black options to match game jerseys. Plan on some cold temps through Spring Break!

Grab a soccer ball and start practicing at home!  
Don't have a soccer ball? Head to  and have one shipped to you or head to one of the stores mentioned above. Make sure you select the correct size soccer ball; see below. Not sure what to practice? Go to Facebook and search for our hashtag "#GSATechTues" for some ideas. We also have videos on our website!

Club and Team Communication
In the past we have used an SMS/Text service for field status updates; that service is being revamped for the Spring Season, so please look for more communication about that in the coming weeks. The field status is generally updated around 2:00 p.m. on days that the status changes.

Teams have the opportunity to use a FREE communication app called "TeamNet". This app can be downloaded for free on the Apple/Android app store. Use the same email address you used to register, and you'll be able to stay connected with your team/coach throughout the season.

Look for this logo in the App or Google Play Store
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Important Dates and Info
If you only pay attention to one thing from this email, make it the info below👇

As we draw nearer to the season start, we'll continue to update you, but for now, we hope this helps! Still need help? 

Email for assistance.