George Washington, the founding fathers, and all 44 presidents of this great country have shaped our nation so that in today's United States of America you don't have to drive around in no ugly truck.

Gibbes Ford wants to help do our part

We've got more trucks on the ground and inventory than we've had in a month of Sundays. Big trucks. Little trucks. New trucks. Used trucks.

We're chopping down prices and handing out rebates & customer cash like we're running for office or something. We've got finance rates so low the fat cat bankers are madder than a bunch of wet hens - as low as 2.9%, and if you're worried about getting approved for a loan, we got you covered!

Gibbes Ford has financing options that can put you in a bigger, prettier truck no matter what condition your condition is in.

Spring is springing sooner than you think, and if you're still riding around in an ugly truck by then, that's on you. We can help if you'll let us!

Spring Maintenance


• Vehicle Checkup

• Oil & Filter Change

• Tire Rotation & Pressure Check

• Brake Inspection

• Fluid Top-Off

• Battery Test

• Filters, Belts & Hoses Check

Schedule Spring Service
Call (803) 534-2010
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*financing on approved credit. See dealer for details. Keep on truckin'!