ESL/ABE Newsletter – Issue 13 – 11/03/2020
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SUPPORT! Your support system consists of your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, and teachers. The staff at Chesapeake College’s Adult Education Department is here to support and guide students. We have a team eager to encourage you, provide advice, and help you along your career pathway.  
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Student Support Team
Our Registration Team
Intake Helpers & Student Navigators: Laura Perez, Heather Helmer, Maria Delgado Myers, Patti Nash, Joe Riddle and Sergio Cilla
Intake Helpers and Student Navigators guide students through the registration process. They help find the class that best fits the students’ need, and they help students set their short and long-term goals. They assist students with their schedules, attendance, and technology. Student Navigators are the link between the students, the instructors, and the Adult Education Team at Chesapeake College.

Why we love our jobs:
Maria and Sergio are encouraged to see their Spanish-speaking students accomplishing goals and appreciate seeing student’s gratitude. Heather has mentioned she wears two hats, one as a Student Navigator and the other as an Intake Helper. This has allowed her to help students from a wider perspective. Laura will never forget the student who was very nervous at the intake process. Laura noticed he got down on his knees and kissed the floor when he got into the NEDP program. 
Intake & Assessment Specialists (IAS): Danielle Thomas and Karen Luceti
Intake & Assessment Specialists oversee the whole registration process. They post-test to follow up on students’ progress and gains. They also monitor the classes and assist students and teachers with testing issues. IAS staff supervise the Intake Helpers and Student Navigators to make up an incredible and powerful support team.

How we are making a difference:
Danielle says she has helped students get copies of their GED® Transcript by “walking them through the online process” at Students have told us they are very thankful for her support. Karen says students are the heart and core of the program, and she works hard to help them succeed and improve the quality of their lives.
Our Instructors, Transition Specialist and Advisors!
Instructors: ABE & ESL Instructors
Using virtual platforms, our instructors are engaging with students and are committed to their success! They are problem solvers and are ready to help you learn English or get your MD High School Diploma. Learn more about our instructors in our next issue.
Current students, we want to hear from you!
If you have a fun or serious story about how your instructor helped you to solve a problem, please send that story to
Sergio Cilla (ESL) at or
Patricia Daniels (GED®) at
by November 9, 2020.
Transition Specialists: Janet Hilty (ABE) & Karen Luceti (ESL as an Intake & Assessment Specialist) 

Transition Specialists contact students when they reach a certain point in their education. A Transition Specialist provides students with the information they need to set and define their career goals. Transition Specialists use these goals to guide students into post-secondary education, a workforce training program, or a specific career.

Your success is our success:
Janet says the most important job she has is to be the students’ cheerleader, their friend, and to help them get to wherever they want to go.
Transition Specialists describe their role on Video
NEDP Assessors: Marci Leach, Jason Mullen, Connie Wolfe, Janet Hilty, and Bill Berghaus

The job of the NEDP Assessor is to advise, assess, and facilitate students through the process of building their NEDP portfolio. Students earn their Maryland State High School Diploma after completing an approved portfolio.  

More than an Assessor
Marci Leach has helped her students set and achieve career goals. She has assisted several older students in checking off “Get my Diploma” from their bucket lists! (They wanted to “practice what you preach” to their grandchildren.) Connie Wolfe helped several ESL NEDP students get information on WIOA funded scholarships to continue their education at Chesapeake College and make connections that led to new careers here on the Eastern Shore.
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Job Opportunities published by Chesapeake College
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Elaine Wilson
ESL and GED Program Director
Chesapeake College
For information on our programs, please contact:
Danielle Thomas, ABE Intake Specialist at (410) 829-6043 or
Karen Luceti, ESL Intake Specialist at (410) 443-1163